Thursday, June 4, 2009

One of my many jobs: deciphering Miles' notes

Wanna give it a try??

It's a list of things he's thankful for. (I had to guess that, too.)

This has the same spacing he wrote out.

"viteeogeam's. sokr. sokrboll.e.fren's. 4 famly.amom hwodosint wont me to be akinqlaner. g. footboll.afootboll."

By the way, there are notes like this all over the house. He's been writing like this for years. It's almost like a foreign language. And, I should probably have an honorary degree in Milesese by now...


Greta said...

It IS like a foreign language. But what a fun challenege to try to figure them all out!

I think I got it all except for "a mom who doesn't want me to be a ... complainer?"

Jen said...

Greta, That's the one I was stumped on, too. Did she get it right, Jenna?

Laurie Lynn said...

Keep some of the notes! One day you’ll both look back…
Video games
Soccer ball with/at? friends
For family
A Mom who doesn’t want me to be a complainer (Thanks Mom!)
A football
(Where does the “g.” fit in?)
I like his "Milesese" style! Periods are his friends!

Laurie Lynn said...

Wait. Is 'e' a seperate thing and 'friends' a seperate thing? I'm thinking too hard, but I don't have a degree.
Maybe he meant 'A' for brother Avery? How thankful is he?

Jenna said...

absolutely can't figure out the e and g, but you got it!

i'll see if i can dig up a doozie for you all!

you're too good!!!

thanks for playing!