Saturday, May 16, 2009

hey there, it's spring

1. You I can't garden, wrap up the end of the school year, take care of a family and blog at the same time.

2. Latest quote from Miles 90 seconds ago:
"MOMMY! Why won't this work?" Reading to himself quietly aloud, "Ohhhh...lower the presser foot....NEVERMIND!!!"
That's right. I'm letting my boy sew again. He rocks.

3. There are more birthdays in May than I ever realized. My super sweet oldest sister, Amanda, turns 40 the same day a really awesome friend turns 30! And after this month is done, our boys will have collectively attended FIVE birthday parties. That's a lot of trips to Target.

4. Reading Life of Pi. Why did it take 70 pages to get into it? I think I'm way too distracted.

5. But, here's the strange thing. I don't feel totally distracted?! I mean, I've been really quiet lately. I haven't been quick to pick up the phone or touch base with anyone. I've kinda been a hermit compared to my usually extroverted self.

6. I plan on being fully addicted to So You Think You Can Dance this Summer. Usually addictions get in the way of parenting, but it REALLY feels like family life gets in the way of addiction.

7. Hold up. Apparently, Miles needs help sewing. See? Children get in the way of addictions. Be right back.

8. Last winter was SO long that I'm praising God nearly every time I see that trees actually have green leaves. So, what if it's thirty-something degrees outside today. (yes. i'm serious.) It's colorful and fresh.

9. Been thinking how helpful it is to be offended by someone if you take it in the right direction. Lately, I ask myself, "Do I do that?" and "What is the best way to respond?" It takes lots of time and thought and lots of dying to self, but in the end, with the Lord's help, it can bear good fruit.

10. Miles just brought me an Ant Farm starter kit. Anyone have any experience with this? By the way, here's a quote from the box, "Watch ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious, non-toxic gel..." Yep. Nutritious AND Non-toxic. nice.

11. Minnesota floors have it bad. Wet boots in the winter. Dirty gardening feet in the spring.

12. Speaking of Minnesota...We had a great visit over an AMAZING dinner with Jenny (the Foodie!) and her family last night. They live five doors down. We've HARDLY seen them for months! This made me realize that there are TWO seasons in Minnesota: Social and Anti-social. Just how it goes. We'll see Jenny and her family almost everyday for the Summer. I can almost guarantee it.

13. Did you know I am the hair dresser of the family? Self-taught and not so bad. I have a love-hate relationship with it like I do with ALL my duties (cooking, cleaning, so on...). Brent knows this. So, he doesn't actually tell me he needs a haircut. He just fluffs up his hair and gives me that, "Hey, notice anything different?" kind of look. Makes me laugh. Sometimes, I even feel inspired to cut his hair. I should go do that now.

14. But first, I'll let you know that this girl... really a crazy, crazy toddler. She is insanely busy. She's the kinda kid that you're secretly happy when she feels sick or gets hurt because then you FINALLY get a cuddle. She's that kind of kid. She is mischievous. In fact, this is more like her:

This is quintessential Jillian.

Okay...gotta go cut hair, finish sewing, start an ant farm...aaaand...if my nose is right, there's a poopy diaper in close proximity.


Anonymous said...

Feelin' like a barbershop here today at the Snell house too. Hope it goes well for both of us!

And maybe Jillian will get it all out of her system before the excitement in the fall comes.


MMathis said...

I would love to be fully addicted to "So You Think You Can Dance" with you! I am excited to see that somebody else is anticipating it as much as I am.

Jenny said...

So you think you can Dance addiction? I'm in. When/where/channel? I'm so out of the TV loop, but that's a show I could totally get addicted to, especially in the summer.

Jillian= pure joy.

I'm dreaming of some carne asada...

Sarah said...

OOOO that girl...I just love how prim and precious she is at the piano...180 in the one below it. Just tackling life. I feel like I need to respond to every number because they were all so fun. Wish we could watch SYTYCD together. We'll just have to sit one Wed night on our cell phones and fully take advantage of the free minutes. And I love Brent's subtle ways...puffin' up the hair. Kurt's is just so darn obvious and I soooo enjoy his hair short. Miles sewing...what a joy to even think about!!! thanks again for our chat today...I'll let you know when i hear something...SARAH

Anonymous said...

30 degrees? eesh. You folks should come South. I would get depressed living in your climate. Here's to a long Minnesota summer.

Neely and Steve said...

ok... WHEN are you going to tell us the story about the night Brent proved he was tougher than you!?

loved the update!

Karla Anne said...

Jillian is so stinkin' cute! :)

Greta said...

Somehow I missed this made me laugh.
And your toddler sounds like my toddler. Is it bad that we secretly like the sick/hurt cuddle? Nah.