Sunday, May 3, 2009

standing in the mirror with avery

One surprising thing about Avery is that he's very verbally affirming when it comes to my physical appearance. On those rare days when I slap on a little extra make-up and wear jewelry, he doesn't miss it. Better yet, he'll say, "You look really pretty." It's shocking really, because, as I've told you, he just doesn't say much.

A few weeks ago, we were both in the bathroom while I was waxing my eyebrows:

Avery: Why are you "ear"waxing your eyebrows?

Me: It's not earwax, honey.

Avery: Oh. Well, it looks good when you do it.

Simple. To the point. Affirming.

Yesterday, however, I looked repulsive as we both stood there looking in the mirror. My hair was frizzy. I was paler than usual.

Me: I look horrible.

Avery, pausing to take it all in: I think it might help if you wear a hat.

Simple. To the point. Honest. I had to laugh (and put on make-up and fix my hair...)


Danielle said...


Carol said...

So cute how he had such a constructive comment for you(the hat), he was really trying to help! Avery is very sweet!

Sarah said...

I just love em"....could see him saying all of that...felt like I was in the bathroom with you. I always wonder if our kids will remember those moments like we do. Or how that type of sensetive and awareness will translate when they are 16. I'm loving these posts on Avery. LOVING them. Hope you don't mind if I try the same thing as some point with Gavin. For the same reasons, he's very difficult to blog about.

JPB said...

This is just a fabulous post.

I can't wait to get together sometime!!

Karla Anne said...

Oh....the refreshing honesty of kids. I LOVE it!

I am enjoying your posts about Avery. :)

Emma said...

Why couldn't Avery be my age and single?

Just kidding. I did not just say that. Because that would have be super creepy.