Thursday, August 27, 2009

blogs i don't read

1. I don't read blogs that have no sense of humor (Except for jokes on the DG blog! Of course, truth be told, I only read 1 out of 7 of the posts.). I don't get online to experience catharsis. I do read posts which induce real tears, but almost every blog I subscribe to is written by someone who has a sense of humor.

2. I don't read blogs that always have super long posts. And I feel guilty when I write them. Who has time to read, much less WRITE, a super long post unless you're retired. And, the only retired people I know are WAY to busy to even maintain a blog.

3. I don't read blogs that are basically facts. We did this. We're going to do this. This is what we look like. That's great and all, but unless we're really good friends, it just doesn't get me right here (fyi, I'm gently pounding my chest with my fist).

4. I don't read blogs that appear to be perfection. I appreciate the vulnerable blogger...even if the person writes, "I just can't go's too painful." Okay. That was honest. I choose vulnerability over veneer.

5. I don't read blog posts about running, but I do read blogs by ultra runners. Okay. I read ONE blog written by an ultra runner, because he writes about other stuff, too. But, I don't generally read blogs that are about one main topic. (crafting, cooking, saving money, etc...)

6. I don't read blogs that are all about theology. Is that okay?

7. Nor do I read blogs that are political. Should I be embarrassed?

8. I don't read blogs that I actually like to read, because I keep forgetting to subscribe to them!!!!

9. I don't read blogs that seem to be super popular like Challies, 9marks, Pioneer Woman, etc. I don't know why. I just don't.

10. I don't read blogs of total strangers. I do read blogs written by people I've come to know through the blogosphere. Contradiction? perhaps. Does it makes sense? not sure. Either way, it's been fun getting to know you!!!


Ched said...

"I choose vulnerability over veneer."

I like the way you put this.

But, what if it's a humorous, vulnerable anecdote about re-applying linoleum in the breezeway?

neely said...

i like ched.

ps i totally agree on the veneer thing. who likes boring fiction?

Greta said...

This post is yet another reason why I read YOUR blog ;).

Jawan said...

Ok, it might be a super popular blog since he's John Piper's son but you would like Abraham Piper's blog, 22Words, b/c it's short and to the point. Every post is only 22 words in length, getting the point across everytime. Not to mention that every post is entirely different than the one before. Just sayin.....

Anonymous said...

So why do I read your blog? I've never met you (though I saw you and your family a few times at church!) but I kept seeing you post on other blogs I read. So you got a subscriber :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I subscribe to too many blogs that I don't read.

I need to do some purging based on these criteria. They're good guidelines. Sometimes I get too caught up in trying to "keep up" with what's going on in the blogosphere. I hate when blogging becomes like that.

Anyway, long comment. Looks like today's going to be a bad day to go swimming... sad!

Katherine said...

Great list. I like to think that my avoidance of political blogs nicely balances out my avoidance of purely theological ones. :) I do read SOME really popular blogs, but mainly because they experienced their "explosions" after I had been reading them for a while, and I was already enamoured of them by that time and wasn't going to desert them just because they blew up. I have a tiny but devoted following, and I love all of my readers. They are very kind to me.

Anonymous said...

hey! you think i am an ultra runner!

you totally know us. we have just never met, that's all.

The McAlpine Family said...

Looks like you wouldn't read my blog! My blog is pretty boring, but I never know what to say. Don't get me wrong I have lots to say, but don't know what is worth putting on there. I feel like no one reads it or at least few ever comment. So I don't know if it's worth putting any opionated, funny, random stuff. Once in a while when I post something that is on my mind, no one comments. But it's true, sadly, most of my blog is boring adoption updates, family pictures, etc.

I always wonder what makes a blog so popular anyways? Is it the cute pictures of their kids, the organic recipes, homeschooling advice, etc.