Saturday, August 15, 2009

When we were young...reeeeallly young

So, now that I'm 31 weeks, I think I'm letting myself wonder who this baby is going to look like. Here's the family from oldest to youngest.


Lisa said...

WOW!! Your whole family looks so similar as babies--even you and your husband look similar. Also, your husband got me Abraham's name tag at the kiosk was nice because I was VERY late and I was actually followed downstairs by your husband and sons so they could get my tags printed...kudos for their attentiveness. How's your pregnancy going? Do you know boy/girl?

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures!


steph said...

Does it really matter? You all look like clones? :) I sure enjoy reading your blog! Figured I would finally comment.

Karla Anne said...

I love these pictures, Jenna. :)