Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grandma was in town. We finally visited this famous landmark.

We've only been here almost FOUR years and we finally went to the famous Sculpture Garden. It was fun having Brent's mom in town from Ohio. She visited back in JUNE and I'm finally post this. (Can y'all tell I'm the biggest procrastinator ever?) She inspired some gardening by getting me a bunch of perennials. Best part is, I'll think of her every time I look at my flowers!


Becky said...

Is it free? My family is coming for the week and it would be cool to take them there!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know y'all say y'all. Glad to hear it though.
PS - they say people never visit attractions in their own hometown until someone comes to stay with them. very true.

Jenna said...

becky- yes! free! and i parked on the street for free, too! i heart free!

b-rob- i grew up in st. louis...in the PCA. (are you pca pres?) lots of southerners in the PCA. went to camp w/ lots of peeps from hattiesburg, atlanta, birmingham, etc... i love "y'all". so efficient. cannot say "yous guys" (unless i'm kidding around) which is more common in st. louis.

Anonymous said...

We're SBC Baptist with very little in common with most other SBC Baptists, but lots in common with the folks in our church. We have a lot of PCA friends and would feel OK joining them but for the baptism issue.
You are right that y'all is efficient. Glad you got some godly Southern influence in your youth.

Carol said...

Really cute pictures of everyone!!!

Hi Bobbie!!

Melissa said...

the boys look great in their st louis cardinals hats. jonathan said he could have stayed all day the other saturday talking cardinals with yall.