Tuesday, August 25, 2009

gum has never tasted better/pregnancy is weird

This is the most sensational pregnancy I've had. My enjoyment of smells and tastes is so intense. I LOVE gum. I LOVE brushing my teeth. I LOVE the smell of my super cheap industrial laundry detergent.

The last one is the one that really scares me. Every time I do the laundry, I can hardly keep my nostrils away from the powder detergent. I could almost eat the little granules!

Anyone else out there had the urge to eat your detergent? Or, maybe less freaky, chew an entire pack of Fruit Stripe gum? (I haven't done that, but it sounds amazing!)

On the flip-side, this has been the most physically painful pregnancy, too. Walking hurts. Standing hurts. Sneezing hurts.

All would be well if I could just be on bed rest with the most amazing, fabulous, sensational gum in the whole world.


neely said...

violet! you're turning violet, violet!

Korean American King said...

I ain't pregnant but I sure enjoy indulging in a handful of laundry crystals once in a while.

Karla Anne said...

Maybe you are having a boy?

I only say that because when I was pregnant with Leah, I was the exact opposite of what you are describing. I could only chew gum for about 1 second (!), and brushing my teeth was pure, gagging torture. I had never experienced that before. (with the boys' pregnancies)

I hope the coming weeks will go by quickly for you, and I can't wait to hear the good news.

Freckles said...

You sound like a kid in the Willy Wonka movie!! I think Neely has the same idea ;-)

I never had that experience, but Serge, my hubby, kept asking me if I wanted to eat detergent. I thought he was weird, but I guess he read something somewhere that it happens.

Freckles said...

Look up Pica during pregnancy (google it) and maybe talk to our doctor?

Jenna said...


I don't think I have the Pica disorder thing. My iron levels are great and I have NO desire to eat MUD!

Totally didn't like toothpaste/brushing my teeth or anything minty with any of my other pregnancies...boy or girl?! strange, huh?! I, too, would gag almost every time I brushed my teeth.

Bonus of my love affair with laundry detergent: I'm doing more laundry!

danielle said...

sounds like the opposite of my pregnancy. i still can't use the same detergent that i did when i was first pregnant with lily. it just hasn't smelled right since. but i can totally sympathize with the painful part. but just think, after that baby is born you will feel even that much better. i still often think of just how good i feel right now and lily was born six months ago!

Melissa said...

oh, i hate minty tasting gum and toothpaste while pregnant. hubba bubble, bubblicious, and big league chew have been my bff!