Monday, November 24, 2008

Givin' it Away...and selling it, too!

First of all, if you're interested in a giveaway, Molly is giving away a nursing cover-up (aka "Hooter Hider") made by yours truly!!! So, go there to enter for your chance to win!!! By the way, it is an exact replica of the one we designed for her. (If she hasn't already, she should be posting soon!)

Most likely, you've just come from Molly's giveaway post. So, Welcome!!! Here's some information about what I do.

I make two kinds of nursing cover-ups: single fabric and reversible.

Both have D-ring adjustment neck straps.

Both have the boning that creates the "window" for Mama to check on the babe.

Neither have terry cloth in the corner because I wouldn't want that myself. It seems it would need to go through the wash a lot more and I wouldn't want to give up my handi-dandy cover-up that frequently.

Like Molly's, these pictured below are reversible. They are so fun and are great for people like me who have a hard time committing to just one fabric. I love to have options!

I wanted these to have a more thrifty price tag, but realistically they must be $30. This is still really thrifty since you're getting two high quality fabrics.

These were commissioned by "SarahT". She chose these fabrics herself.
Well done!!!

This one was what I put together when told that the Mama (it was a gift) likes funky colors and stripes.

And this one could be yours if you WIN!!! I love this particular black and white fabric because it's really easy on the eyes. And the red pops! I love it!!!

I also make single fabric cover-ups. I like them because they are really lightweight. I would actually recommend it if Mama will be nursing much during the hot summer months. (Because, if you're going to take this public, take it to the public pool, right?!?)

These are really thrifty at 15 bucks a pop!

Here are a few I made recently. It was almost sad to ship them off. I don't know if you can tell by clicking on the pictures, but that orange one on the right is rockin'!!! It's a batik and even my husband gave it props! (He's no crafter!)

I do ship to anywhere in the continental U.S....maybe even beyond. I just haven't tried that yet!

The "hiders" aren't limited to the fabrics pictured. That's something we could discuss.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order,
leave a comment or send me an email.


Sarah said...

i'm an idiot...I forget to tell you this EVERY time we have a conversation. I do want that red/black white one for Jessica...and WILL pay you...I didn't even read this hole post yet because my marinade is boiling on the stove...more later...

Anonymous said...

YAY for the hooter-hider maker! Thanks for doing this on my blog. You're a good friend to me, Jenna.

Katie said...

Hi Jenna! I did come over from Molly's blog, and had to tell you that these are a great idea - and cute, too! Love the patterns you put together. Do you have an Etsy store? It's a great site, pretty easy to start a storefront, and totally addicting!

I'll be back with an order, I'm sure....

tiffany said...

love em! i just love fabric!

Karla Anne said...

These are lovely, Jenna. They make me wish I was still had somebody to nurse!

Anonymous said...


These are AWESOME! I love the "hooter hiders" and I've come up with some fun names on my own I'll have to share with you outside your blog :)! I am SOOOOO going to order one for Stacy who is due in 4 weeks! Which is your favorite? She wears a lot of browns. She dresses so cute and classy but I just can't decide which one fits her personality best??! Help!

Miss you!


Dawn S. said...

DANG!! I don't need me a hooter hider, but those are cute!