Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Memories

This afternoon, Neely and I are attending a luncheon and auction to benefit a family, The Sheltons, who have three pending adoptions. Two children are from Haiti; they are brother and sister. They have also been in the process of adopting a daughter from China since I met them over three years ago. Visit their site, to get to know them if you'd like.

But, my point...

I'm really excited to spend some much needed time with my sis. Although we live a mile apart, we don't have nearly enough crossover. So, when we received the invitation for the luncheon, I thought "food" (ME!) and "supporting adoption" (NEELY!). Yippy! crossover!

As Neely and I discussed the logistics, childhood memories flashed through my mind of Sunday brunches at a local restaurant. I can picture the massive bowl of chocolate pudding, the large metal trays of baked white fish swimming in a buttery mixture, the breakfast, the lunch, the dinner...all displayed on one glorious table that extended for nearly two miles it seemed. mmm-m-mmm...

The irony never occurred to me that this post-church restaurant was called "The Flaming Pit".

That's right, folks. After prayer, songs and sermon, we headed straight to The Flaming Pit. scary.

Which begs a question to my parents. How did this NOT become a family joke?

By the it now completely obvious that I didn't grow up Baptist?

Oh. And after we stopped going the The Flaming Pit, we started going to a cafeteria called Grones. We called it "Moans and Groans" theme perhaps? Maybe we should have called it "Groans from the Gates of Hell".

(I've decided there is no good segue...)

Happy Sunday! And if you've got 25 buck-a-roos and want to support the Sheltons, meet us at Rudolph's in Minneapolis at 1:00pm!


tiffany said...

My computer clock says 10:56 and you posted this at 11:00. Does this mean that I'm leaving a comment before you posted this? Maybe I have some strange psyche. Anyway, that's very funny. The Flaming Pit. Very ironic.

Jenna said...

you posted your comment almost 24 hours to the minute AFTER i posted this. i'm offended you don't check my blog every three hours!!!

i'm kidding, of course.

Neely and Steve said...

Jenna: Thanks for the throwback of Sunday brunch memories. Yes, we ate at a restaurant called The Flaming Pit. I googled it and found that others are trying to recreate memories from that horrific restaurant.

Wow. Grones was funny too. Good food and lots of old people. LOVED IT!

GROWING...4 said...

thanks for the cookie cutters.

Rachel said...

I would love to see the 80's style commercials for the Flaming Pit and the Grones. Wow!

Andie said...

I have decided I am definitely coming to your blog always while I'm working on stuff for the playlist!! I love it SO MUCH. I was really excited to see feist on there, I discovered her recently on... sesame street!?! Have you seen this?

Anonymous said...


I cannot believe it! We ALWAYS went to the Flaming Pit when we lived in St. Louis between 1968-1976! Wouldn't that be weird if we crossed paths at the Flaming Pit and didn't know it?!!!! Dave, Tim, and I still have such fond memories of the Flaming Pit and the treasure box you could pick something out of after your meal! Do you remember that? I miss you! LOVE THE PICS of MILES!!!!! Sorry I was so distracted last time we talked when I was driving to Chicago! Sorry this is more of an e-mail than a blog-post! Forgive me, I'm 40 and not a "blogger"! Love ya! Joy