Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Thanksgiving Night...I'm thankful...

I think I'll just have to rattle off things I'm thankful for...they range from serious to silly (but I'm still very thankful for the silly things!)

1. My two nieces, Sarah and Melissa, who were placed in my sister and bro-in-law's family yesterday. (My sister Amanda, btw!) The girls aren't home yet, but we are so thankful to be welcoming them soon!

2. Hosting international students. We've only had two, but it's been so great. Having another person in our home motivates me to be a better homemaker. This will be its own post sometime, but I'll just say we have really loved having Youki and Makoto in our home.

3. The space heater I bought on clearance at Target at the end of last Winter. It was an impulse buy. It was originally $50 and I got it for $12.48. We use it a lot.

4. Brent.

5. Avery's sense of humor and love for reading.

6. Miles' conversation and smile.

7. Jillian's silly faces and stinky blankie.

8. My parents who spend hours driving back and forth from St. Louis to encourage us, hug grandchildren and bear gifts.

9. My sister who doesn't brag about being on t.v....doesn't even tell us most times.

10. Really good books. I didn't appreciate a great read until adulthood. Embarrassing, but true.

11. Fabric, sewing, etc. I need a creative outlet. This is doing it for now.

12. Reconnecting with my best friend from junior high, Michelle. I've been out of touch with her for nine years. I've really missed her and worried about her. Even more, her parents live 13 minutes from my home and I'll be seeing her at Christmas time when she comes to visit. I can hardly wait!!!

13. Facebook. For doing #12.

14. God. He has revealed everything we need to know about Him in his word. That was a generous thing to do.

15. People who ponder. People who share their hearts and their thoughts. I am lonely when people don't open up. Right now, I have people in my life who are very real, thoughtful and honest. I'm learning from them. I'm in community because of them.

16. Musicians. I can't make beautiful music. I am so grateful for people who can.

17. Coffee. I love, love, love the first sip of coffee in the morning. I almost can't wait until morning!!!

18. knee socks. They really do it for me.

19. Conviction and repentance and people knowing the bad stuff I've done or thought. It's pretty freeing.

20. Snow. My kids love to play in it. I love to look at it. We live in Minnesota. Either we embrace this or we are miserable. (C'mon, SNOW!!! We're ready!!!)

21. Getting older. I've just started to appreciate this. Not loving the aging body, but I'm glad I have the perspective that I could have only from racking up the years.

22. Our church. At first, I wrote "John Piper". But, it's really all of Bethlehem. This has been a great place for our family to grow for this season in our lives.

23. sleep. which is what i'm going to go do right now!


Karla Anne said...

I appreciate this post Jenna, especially #15. The people you described are so rare, yet SO needed!

Anonymous said...

This was such a great post to read. Thank you! We really have so much to be thankful for-I am so thankful for YOU.


Dawn S. said...

Love it! I did a similar post...maybe because WE are similar :)