Wednesday, November 5, 2008


(see update below)

I just googled "tuna for dinner".

Can you tell I'm desperate? I've been cooking more these days and I'm running out of ideas.

My google search offered this:

It's called "Tuna Dinner for Four"

1        Package   Skinners® Egg Noodles
1 Can Campbell's® Cream of
Mushroom Soup
1-7 oz Can Star Kist® Tuna, drained
2 Cups Potato Chips, crumbled
To Taste Salt
To Taste Black Pepper

Who eats like this??
I'm totally probably offending people.
But, I hope not. Potato chips? On tuna?
And condensed soup?

Update: So. In addition to the two pro-casserole
comments, I also received
an email from a good
friend who totally backed the potato chip tuna
I guess the obvious next step is for me
to make this recipe soon. I mean,
I often say,
"don't knock it 'til you try it", and so now I feel
a little bit
like a hypocrite.
If I accomplish this soon, I'll report back to you.

I think a major bonus is having a home for those
rejected potato chip

Lastly, the update was inspired by excited
anticipation of the Traditional Green Bean

Casserole made with cream of mushroom soup
and topped with
those fried onions from the can.
Mmm-mm-mmm. I love me some Thanksgiving!!!


Anonymous said...

I make a variation of this. I don't use egg noodles because my sons are allergic to eggs, so I just use shells or some other noodle that doesn't contain egg. I mix the cream of mushroom soup and tuna together, top with crushed ritz crackers, drizzle with melted butter. And bake till its heated through. It really is pretty good.

Sounds gross, but it's good. :)

Anonymous said...

I made a Paula Deen chicken casserole one time that had crushed potato chips on it. It was sooo good, y'all!

I really don't do anything with tuna besides tuna salad sandwiches. If you learn how to expand on the tuna, let me know.

"I ate a tuna sandwich, on my first day. So, Andy started calling me Big Tuna. ...I don't think any of them actually know my real name."

keitha said...


Karla Anne said...

We love "Tuna Pasta Salad" here.
Drained tuna, cooked and cooled rotini, lots of raw veggies, a dash of salt and pepper, as much or little mayo as you like, a bit of mustard, and a few drizzles of Good Seasons salad dressing (or other Italian dressing).

It's not a casserole, but a tuna idea, perhaps... :)

Greta said...

Barf. I am not a tuna fan...except for Big Tuna. I AM a fan of Big Tuna, otherwise known most recentlyl as T-Money.

danielle said...

this is where that two part twinkie in you has to come out and just go for it. i made something similar last night but it was with chicken, noodles, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, sour cream, with smashed ritz crackers mixed with butter on top. very twinkie of me. and it was delicious!!!

sarahT said...

i can't usually do the smell of tuna, even though the finished product might not be all bad. but a lovely tuna steak on the grill can be quite nice!

i'm always crazy for soups in the fall. let me know if you want some of my fav. recipies! the other great thing about soup is that there is always LEFTOVERS!!

sarahT said...

redo... there ARE always LEFTOVERS!! (excuse my baby-still-up-eight-times-a-night brain!!)