Saturday, November 8, 2008

jillian in pictures

she's changed a lot. here are some faces.

first burrito from chipotle. she loved it!

drinking from her "bah".



dressing up as a pirate frog with a knife.

very. bad. baby.

talking with nana.

on her favorite perch.

defender of all babies.


The Evans Family said...

She is something else. I love her. Jillian's personality is great!

Neely and Steve said...

Jilly-hoo! I love the defender of all babies!

karla anne said...

She is so cute, Jenna!

And I've heard she's even cuter in person.....

Sarah said...

I AM going to obsess over this post for weeks you know...captions...hilarious...and Jilly...just wanna eat her. I can't tell you what was my favorite...all so edible....quite possibly the one dress up as a pirate frog with knife to her cheek. Her expression is incredible!! Thank you for these!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

This was an AWESOME post! I love seeing her in all her glory.

Aunt Carol said...

Wuv that little girrrrl.....hmmm which litle boy made that mask? Love the belly,the skirt,those black shoes. I love her interest in books,she has the position down!