Wednesday, February 4, 2009

it's his birthday

My husband is wonderful.

He's funnier than me
I love that he lets me play the comedian in public, but the truth is he makes me laugh 24/7.

He's a super hero kinda Dad
My mother has said countless times, "I wish I had a father like you."

He makes my job(s) so much easier
He not only washed the easy dishes, but he tackled the chili pot last night. And he told me that it was perfectly fine if he came home to the bed full of laundered clothes, that he'd help me fold them. (I really despise folding clothes.)

He is successful in the marketplace.
They are making him the CEO of Wells Fargo this Friday. (I'm kidding, but he's great. Really! I'm just ridiculously thankful that he has a job!!!)

He must be the most patient man on Earth, because...
He's married to me.

He loves me and football. Together.
He gives me a back massage as long as I watch football (or anything, really) with him.

He has the quickest reflexes in the West.
I throw everything his way. That's why I like the above picture so much. (It's moments before he caught a football.) He rarely misses a pass. Dirty diapers, laundry, frozen meat, keys, everything. He loves to catch. And I love to watch.

He helps me with everything.
He is the guy I go to with my problems. You know how they say that women just want to be heard? You know, just air their frustrations? I don't think that's me. I want him to fix my problems and give me advice. He's good at that.

I love him and know that I don't really deserve such goodness. Praise be to God for my husband, Brent.

Happy Birthday, "Big Time"**!

**that's what they call him at work.


Anonymous said...

Super sweet! You are a very blessed woman. May the Lord give you many many more years to continue to grow the list of ways you love Brent.


Greta said...

Even though we don't know each other in the real world, I think I can say this is the perfect "husband-appreciation-post".
(Maybe you could re-use it for valentines/anniversary/father's day???)

I love how real it is. And maybe because I can identify with it. Being able to marvel at and appreciate the everyday/normal things makes life pretty extraordinary, doesn't it?

P.S. Your background music is making me feel sappy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenna!

Like the rest of the day, that was all very unexpected. With the gift you left me on my bag this morning and making my favorite dinner and dessert I am grateful for your love.

You are a wonderful wife!

Aunt Carol said...

Jenna, that is SO nice to hear you say that about Brent, your husband. It literally brings tears of joy to my eyes!!! Wow, do you know how many guys that would bother about the clothes......and he will help you fold them,too. I know he loves football, how endearing for you to say that about his passing. How very sweet! Happy Birthday, Brent!!

Love you both!

Karla Anne said...

It sounds like you *both* are very blessed. :) Wonderful!

Anonymous said...


That was the sweetest thing I have ever read! I just LOVED reading that about Brent! It is really all true! He is rip-roaring hilarious but always discreet with his humor and just loves sports like nobody I know! I love to watch him slam-dunk a basketball on a kids hoop! I have a perfect mental picture of him doing that in our driveway! You have an incredible marriage and I am sure God is so pleased about the respect and love you show one another each day. This brought tears to my eyes to hear how grateful you are to have him and how much you love him and the reasons you love him- and then to read his sweet reciprocal comment to you! Just awesome! Happy Birthday, Brent!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love and miss you both!



Sarah said...

I loved Joy's comment...Brent is so discreet with his it. I always appreciate hearing how Brent makes you laugh...and how he loves and cares for his family. Happy Birthday Brent!! LOVE SARAH

Anonymous said...

for a guy with such quick reflexes, he sure sucks at spontaneous trust falls. other than that, i would have to agree he's pretty great.