Monday, February 2, 2009

the reason you haven't seen a new post

YOU'VE been Left Behind.

just saying....


The blog has been competing with...

1. The Kindergarten projects. I was only supposed "guide" Miles in his construction of two 3-D letters (one wearable) and a poster board, plastered with pictures beginning with the letter "B". The poster board he did by himself (mostly). But, this:

Was more like 85/15.

And the milk jug sculpture which looked like an "M". Well, he gathered milk jugs from around the neighborhood, but he couldn't be trusted with a hot glue gun.

2. Peace Like a River. Great book. I love the prose. The author loves to tell a story...and a story within a story...and even a story within that story. His digressions give a bit of relief in such a heavy plot. I'm not even halfway done, so don't give it away.

3. Processing. I really want graduate from a few thoughts before I write about them. Kinda like how I brought up God's discipline, but never really got going with that (still thinking). And some other themes I really want to talk about are humility and forgiveness.

4. My job. As a wife and mother. I will be ever-amazed at the SAHMs who write regularly on their blogs and get their chores "done" (as if they are ever done).

There's more, but I gotta go run errands before it gets to be naptime for the little Jillian. I decided to check out 4,897 books, forgetting that I have a tendency to return them super late. argh. and i thought i was self-aware....


Anonymous said...

Love the M...very creative:) Oh by the way, what are chores?


Karla Anne said...

...thus why I do not blog. :)

I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about forgiveness, humility, and God's discipline!