Wednesday, February 11, 2009

miles' tooth mystery: "best leave it...unsolved..."

The Lost Tooth never was found. But, the Tooth Fairy caught wind of the news and decided to leave a little cash for Miles anyway.

I mentioned he's aloof, right? He's the kid who can walk through a room while Brent and I are feasting on candy bars and he wouldn't even notice. Meanwhile, Avery can hear a candy wrapper four rooms away--and will come running.

Anyway, back to the story. The Tooth Fairy tucked an envelope under his pillow (I'm guessing...). And, the next morning, Miles completely missed it. I saw a "mysterious" envelope on his floor with the tell-tale tiny handwriting (too small for me to even read). Later, I asked him to go make his bed, but when I came to inspect, that envelope was just laying there in the same place. I tried to slyly kick it towards him, but no. Totally missed it. It stayed there for 6 1/2 hours while they were at school. Upon arriving home, they were instructed to clean their room. Now, mind you, the beds were made and the ONLY thing on the floor was that stinkin' envelope. Surely, he couldn't miss it AGAIN.

And, he didn't. He brought it to me with a look of confusion as if to say, "I've never seen this piece of garbage before."

Avery whipped it out of his hand, eyes wide, and said, "THIS is from the Tooth Fairy."
very. small. hand-writing. tell-tale.

Miffed, I asked, "Really? How can you tell? I can't even read this..."

Avery retorted, "It's SO obvious, Mommy. It says, "Heard you lost a tooth. Congratulations."


Miles was thrilled.

End of story.

Well, except that I want to let you know how Avery loses teeth. First of all, he doesn't actually lose them. They just fall out, like other kids.

And when he wakes up the next morning, MUCH EARLIER THAN USUAL, he must search immediately for the booty. Because, on those mornings, my morning starts like the scene from a movie when someone wakes from surgery. It's blurry. Avery's voice is fading in as I see his face come into focus, hovering over mine. And I somehow gather that the Tooth Fairy has shorted him again. Poor half-glass-empty guy. He'll learn eventually.

Lastly, this video isn't about lost teeth. It's about lost drummers. I kinda feel guilty that the title of my blog is an homage to this movie. And the title of this post is an homage to this scene.


Neely and Steve said...

i recently re-watched spinal tap and grinned huge when i saw this snippet. ever since then, i've been quietly hoping you'd run a contest for your readers to guess where the title of your blog comes from.... it WAS going to be the only contest i've ever one. (except for that 5th grade math contest when i beat ryan whats-his-name).

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! And sweet-all of it! What were we thinking? I have never seen Spinal Tap-I am sure it is way above Nick and Nora's Infinite Stupid-list or whatever that horrible thing was called.


James said...

I didn't realize this blog goes to 11. Nice.

keitha said...

ive got nothing. just wanted to say hi.