Saturday, February 14, 2009

miles adds to the bible and sums up his bro in one convo

Miles: Mommy! Listen to my new "Bible" verse I just made up.
Me: Ha! You want me to put that on your blog?**
Miles: Yeah.
Avery (under his breath): I wouldn't do that, Miles...
Miles: That's because you are are a "keep it in" not a "let it out".

**Don't worry, I'm not letting my kid think he's divinely inspired, or anything.


Sarah said...

Holy cow...the dialogue between those too...Miles' last statement was hilarious!!! Loved his verse...what 6 yr hold uses the word "vat." Love him!!

Kim said...

Did I really just read that the word "convo" in your title. I am elated to have influenced your dialect.