Sunday, July 12, 2009

berry productive

Don't you love those days when you accomplish more in three hours than you did all week? Okay. Maybe that's an exaggeration. But, a few weekends ago, the boys and I picked strawberries and that very same day the strawberries were transformed into a multitude of delights!

Six pounds of fresh-picked strawberries went towards one batch of strawberry freezer jam, a batch of strawberry-blueberry freezer jam (not worth tasted the same, but had blueberry remnants suspended throughout), an amazing Strawberry Quick Bread (from Simply in Season), and a HUGE batch of Strawberry Bran Muffins. I improvised this recipe. Tasted good, but not because it tasted like strawberries. Despite the 2 or more cups of mashed strawberries, it tasted like really good plain bran muffins.

(And I'm not trying to brag or was the same day we made Guatemalan Stew with the Misners. I'm just was a rare and productive day.)

Great Helpers!

Savoring the jam, yo. I have ONE of these left!!!

ehhh...I was excited about these. See how pretty? But, really. Not much strawberry flavor. I'm confident they were healthier, though, since I used the strawberries in lieu of most of the oil. I didn't miss the fat at ALL, and I'm not one of the light/diet/no-fat types. I just wanted to use my strawberries.

Next up, RASPBERRIES!!!! I hope to pick some this week!


Anonymous said...

AND you went to the grocery store-twice, right? That was quite the productive day for sure!

Is it bad I eat freezer jam with a spoon-it's seriously that good!


Sarah said...

I wanna know what you did with those muffins...look so moist and good!!