Wednesday, July 8, 2009

confessions, random thoughts, updates

1. Confession. I went to St. Louis for my Dad's 60th birthday. I know, I know. I told you I'd see you (hopefully) next time I came to St. Louis. I didn't lie. It's just really complicated visiting your hometown. The grandparents are hard to pull away from and our trip was short.

2. Jillian just threw a paperback book at my head. This was alarming, but also an interesting study of human nature. She received a firm, "No!" and a hand-smack. This didn't phase her. Then, I said, "Say, 'I'm Sorry'." She barely uttered out a faint "hah-wee", and started to burst into tears. Saying "sorry" was more difficult than receiving discipline. So interesting.

3. Every time I dust my blinds, I promise myself I'll never let it get that bad again. People, they look baaaad.

4. When I was in St. Louis, I finally transferred hundreds of pictures from my camera to my hard drive. Hopefully, I'll start posting more pictures now. But, not today.

5. Confession...Tomorrow is Jillian's second birthday and I have not made a single firm plan.We heard that there's a free concert downtown. Jillian happens to bee-bop to this guys music. So, I ask, Is it so bad to take a 2-year-old to a show for her birthday? I am HORRIBLE at celebrating and recognizing birthdays. Can you tell??? I know one day I'll look back and wish I was the "queen of theme" for kids' b-days. I'll see some brilliant unicorn cake and think, Oh! How I wish I had known about this when my kids were little...or not.

6. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I worried about losing the baby. This is normal for me, but it gets more intense with each pregnancy...and with each day. Because of the fears, I start out detached. But, as I'm nearing the third trimester, I am pleading with the Lord to let me know this baby alive. I love this baby very much, but have learned that a mother's love doesn't insure anything.

7. Confession. I am so ridiculously intrigued by Michael Jackson's "kids". Do you really think they are his? I can't help but wish for some autobiographies in a few years sharing what it was really like!! I didn't follow much of the MJ hype, but I'm totally curious about Paris, Prince and...Blanket??!!

8. Just read My Sister's Keeper. You probably know it's a newly released film. Are movies EVER better than books? Don't they always disappoint? Not that I loved the book, but I can tell already that I'd be annoyed. For instance, Alec Baldwin (51 years old) plays an attorney who, in the book (if I did my math right), is 35-ish years old.

9. It's summer. We're having burgers for dinner again. Weekly. We have burgers (at least) weekly in the summer. Is this normal? What's your weekly meal (if you have one)?

10. We haven't had "the talk" with our kids yet. I'm starting to understand why people put this off forever. Taking advice.!!


Jen said...

Our weekly meal in the summer is brats on the grill, in the winter (the other season) it's pizza.

The Evans Family said...

Jillian and I can go out for drinks (milkshakes of course) and shopping - in celebration of our birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Miss Jillian. I love you.

Korean American King said...

show! show! show! show! show! show! show! I'll show Jillian how to have a REAL party. show! show! show! show! show! show! show!

Anonymous said...

5. excuse me, but can't jillian just have an asian youtube birthday like tiffany? (still one of my favorite blogs you wrote)
6. we would love to pray for your baby. and we will.
7. thank you for reminding me about Blanket. and no, i don't think they are his kids.
10. why do you NEED to have "the talk" with your kids? they are still babies! we are talking about "that talk" right?

Jenna said...

b-rob- i know! it seems like they don't really need the talk yet, but some people have had the talk by now.
avery will be nine in september and i'm afraid he's gonna learn from someone else?! he's getting that old. i learned in fourth grade from my neighbor friend. he's going into third?!!!! and times have a-changed since then.

janice! happy birthday!! it would solve all my birthday problems if you and jillian spent the day together! (i'm kidding, of course...I'm not that horrible.)

So I ask...WHEN do people have "the talk"???

Jen- our winter weekly meal is Chili. definitely.

Kor-Am King- youtube, dude. and, it's def-maybe tomorrow. that's how i roll.

Korean American King said...

if only Jillian had a facebook page...

b-rob, it's hard to beat Tiffany's - in fact, none will probably ever measure up - however, some of the recent ones (maren, jason, erika) are definitely worth checking out.

is this bad blog etiquette to be addressing someone i don't know through someone else's blog? sorry big J if i'm stepping on your turf.

Jen said...

I had "The Talk" with my 8 year old girl last summer. I think it's important to begin "The Conversation" rather than have "A Talk". Keep the lines of communication open. Be their source of info. Be your child's Wikipedia!

Anonymous said...

Dear Korean American King,
I could come to your blog to say hello, but we are making Jenna look popular by crowding this post with comments. And honestly, she is more popular in blogger world than either of us.
Tiffany's video makes me laugh. Every. time. I watched one on your blog last night where this girl sings "Lean On Me" and harmonizes with herself. Also hilarious.

Good luck with the talk. I agree with others that it is better coming from you guys than the neighbor-kid.

Jenny said...

Jenna, have you read "what a difference a Daddy makes"? I really liked his approach to "the talk". Meaning, not "the talk" but more little bits and pieces of it, age-appropriately, throughout growing up, so it's not some big secret to share. I don't remember specifics, but thought that was a good perspective, and it's kinda what we're doing with our kids, I think.

Korean American King said...

B-Rob, i think using Jenna's comment "wall" to communicate is perfect. been a while since i've indulged in the Tee-faw-nee vid. yeah, that girl is so into it and so bad. unfortunately the person to whom i sent it thought it was supposed to be serious. and it was some girl i knew from h.s. with whom i'd lost touch and had just been reconnected. embarrassing...

Sarah said...

#3...or can we just do away with them and buy something else? How frivolous but that is how much I hate cleaning blinds.

#9...just grilling in general...remember how bad I was about grilling...always had to have Kurt do it?? I just wanna do it all the time! I must say carne asada gets slapped on there around every 10-12 days.