Saturday, July 25, 2009

mein morgen mit miles

(felt like I needed some alliteration...had to borrow German)

This morning was the last morning for picking Summer raspberries. After dreaming that I slept in and missed out on the opportunity, I awoke at 6:30, got ready and crept into Miles' room to see if he still wanted to go. He was deeeeeep in sleep, but still nodded with sealed-shut eyes communicating that, indeed, he'd rather go than sleep. He loves nature. And eating right off the plant is one of his favorite things. It's so adventurous for a city kid. By his own estimation, it appears he ate a pint of raspberries. (And, FYI, we picked 7.5 pounds!!)

We spoke almost nothing to each other while we picked. Here's the highlights from when we did talk:

On the way there
Me: "Are you okay? Do you want to sleep on the way?"
Miles: "No. It's just that my brain shrinks when I sleep and I can't think yet."

Miles' observation on the way home
"Mommy! That store's sign said 'polytheism' and that means that they worship more than one god...that's weird."
(I have no idea if he read the sign right...I didn't see it.)

Feeling hunger pangs on the way home
Me: "Miles, now that we're on Cedar, it reminds me of Fat Lorenzo's. If it were open at 9:30am, I'd totally go there. Pizza sounds awesome."
Miles: "Pizza sounds awesome because you're pregnant."

Me, "Mi"-guy and our fruity booty!

*mental note to NOT wear favorite jeans while picking raspberries!!! Knees will most definitely be stained with raspberry juice!! This is a major bummer!

Oh...and for the local folk: We went to Lorence's Berry Farm just south of Lakeville. Fall raspberries will be ready starting mid-August!!!


Becky said...

your conversations with your kids are brilliant. I always enjoy hearing what they will say next. lol. I just might go pick some raspberries soon!

Greta said...

You both look so cute!
The raspberries look delicious.
This sounds like a great memory the two of you will have. :)

Anonymous said...

What a romantic, beautiful picture I have of you guys this morning. I love it-scratched arms, stained jeans and all. I also love the German alliteration. You should share stories of your German class experience too.


Allison Dillard said...

Your raspberries, our blackberries----I LOVE summer. I need to get your input on the jam.

tiffany said...

oh, i LOVE your conversations!!!