Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Some things you might not know about my super awesome Dad...

1. He adopted me when I was 8 years old. (And, as the youngest, I'm still his baby!) Despite the fact that he became a father overnight when he married my mother, he has always been an amazing father. He's very wise and thoughtful. I remember thinking this even as a little kid. It didn't take perspective to realize this. I've always known that I was incredibly blessed to have him for my father!

2. He's my technological hero! Some people think that I have some savvy just because I have a blog. (Please. Those of you who blog know that it's just as easy as typing an email!) I will admit here that I can never even remember how to back up my computer. Honestly, I don't know how to do much more than check my email and write this blog. Every time something goes wrong, my Dad is my go-to guy. How many people my age can say that about their parents??

3. He is the BEST encourager. He encourages in the Word and in truth. He doesn't tell me exactly what to do in a certain situation. He reminds me how to have faith in EVERY situation. He reminds me how to apply seeking the Kingdom of God first in all situations. If I love him for nothing else, I love him for his faithful encouragement.

4. He's brilliant. I love that my childhood memories include him painting the house, building beautiful cabinets, teaching me how to use a belt sander and a drill press, growing a vegetable garden, making pickles and freezer jam, knowing the answer to every one of my questions (especially anything to do with science!), identifying every kind of fighter jet, and don't forget...he's a computer genius.

5. He's somewhat predictable in what he's going to say (unlike me!). He has a exorbitant amount of Dad-isms. When I was a little kid, I only got my allowance if my room was clean by Saturday afternoonish. I always procrastinated until the very last moment. I could count on my Dad to say every week, "Well, Jen, you just made it under the wire." There are so many, but I'm not going to "make it under the wire" if I don't wrap this up. (Neely, hook me up with some classic Dad-isms in the comments?)

It's late. My Dad has already celebrated his 60th birthday today. But, I couldn't let the day pass without posting some thoughts.

Dad, I love you! You are such a special blessing to me! Happy Birthday!


Laurie Lynn said...

I love the honor of your Dad!
Yea for loving Dads and thankful daughters!

Toiling Ant said...

How wonderful... it gives me hope for my blended family too. :-)

Neely said...

sorry for the delayed response jenna!

classic dad sayings:
you can only do what you can do
you're not in control, God is
yes, mmm, its *very* interesting

as far as your tribute to dad... you're spot on his talent of offering wisdom without solving your problem. he IS a blessing!

Sarah said...

this was so sweet, Jenna...I hear all of these things from you often when talk about him.

sorry for the change of subject...but sometimes, when you talk about your parents, I burst out laughing thinking about all of your funny stories from when you took care while they were out of the country...some that died...Brent throwing up after a mess one of the dogs made. Can we just have a trip down memory lane on the phone or maybe you should blog about it? I laugh so hard I cry when we talk about it!!

Mike Tong said...

Man, I love your dad, too!