Wednesday, July 29, 2009

summer brain guessing game

I'm not reading or writing much in the way of blogs these days. How 'bout playing Guess Who Ate That Bratwurst! with me. In our home, no two people share the exact same taste when it comes to dressing a dog...or brat in this case. (I can't decide if this post is funny or lame. Probably both. But, play along.) If you can match the right family member to the (highly NOT recommended) Cheddar Brat (from Aldi), you win. And what will you win?? Braggin' Rights. enjoy.


B. (ummm...duh!)





Greta said...

A- Avery
B- Jillian
C- Miles
D- Brent
E- You

Honestly, I'll be impressed if I get two right. (Not one though ;), because of B).

Jenna said...

be impressed, Greta. you got TWO right.

i'll answer Mastermind style. not telling which, just telling how many are correct.

Jen said...

E- Brent

I think this is GREAT fun! Thanks for the game. (I'm easily entertained)

Becky said...

a. Miles
b. Jillian
c. Avery
d. Brent
e. Jenna

I don't know your family so this is a pure guess. lol

Jenna said...

JEN! You're so close. FOUR right! I'm impressed, but not totally surprised.

Becky! Way to be a playa, er, I mean "playER". I'm sorry to inform you that you have only one right. Did I sit near your husband at a show last night? We'll meet one of these days...

Jenna said...

oh my goodness. impossible to have four right and one wrong.

JEN! I don't know WHAT I was thinking. I don't know...I must have been really confused. You got two...that's right TWO!!!

wow. and to think that i told brent today that i was afraid that i have early signs of dementia...

Lauren said...

A: Brent
B: Jillian
C: Avery
D: Jenna
E: Miles

Carol said...

This is a real stumper!

Jenna said...

it IS a stumper!

lauren and carol, you each got one right (jillian)

this is turning into quite a game of mastermind. someone could probably set up a grid and deduct at this point.

i'm so tempted to give clues, but not quite yet...

Melissa said...

I'm trying to deduct. is it possible that becky got at least 2 right, or that Jen got 3 correct?

i feel like such a loser trying to figure this out at 12:30 in the morning. but thanks for entertaining my pregnancy insomnia.

Jenna said...

melissa, i double-, nay, quadruple-checked becky's and jen's answers. unfortunately for all of us, no one has gotten more than 2 right!!

carbs give me heartburn
miles is a foodie
avery is not so much

okay. i just gave it away. it's okay though.

you played along so well.

Becky said...

Jenna are you talking about the Bluegrass concert?! My husband is Nick Laparra. I REEaalllY wanted to go, but I was getting a kitten at the same time and now it turns out I'm allergic and could have gone to the show. sigh...

I've see you at church downtown.

Anonymous said...

A. Avery
B. Jillian
C. Jenna
D. Miles
E. Brent

-Katie Tipton

(p.s. yes, i do, in fact, blog-stalk you like a crazy person)

Jenna said...

oh, katie!
You've cracked the code! I have to give props to Lauren, because she guessed Miles' hotdog to be mine and normally, I'd eat it just like him--with EVERYTHING.

I'm glad this is over. I can write another thought-provoking post filled with hilarity. (i wish! my brain is totally on summer vacay)

tiffany said...

Fun game! I'm not going to even try and guess though. I'll just feel defeated. :) I have to say though that we just had those SAME cheddar brats from Aldi. GROSS!!! Steve tole me to never buy them again.

Korean American King said...

all brent's. that guy's such a pig.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank my mother for homeschooling me and making me smart enough to guess hotdogs, and the disgusting cafeteria food at Covenant for forcing me to obsessively check my food for potential pathogens and bacteria, hence making me OCD enough to spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to guess your family hotdog-eating habits.
I am truly honored.

Sincerely, Katie Tipton