Thursday, May 15, 2008

american idle

I don't usually watch it. And I know I spelled it "wrong". Anyway. I watched enough to hear something that made me want to turn off the tube. The contestant that got booted off last night used that cliche I grew up with in the public school system, "If you believe in yourself, You can do ANYTHING!"

I must confess. Miles was watching. And he said, "Well, not anything. You couldn't fly through the roof of our family room." That's right, Miles. And if you believe in yourself, you can't believe in God. Not the way he tells us to.

That's all I've got. Whatever you do today,don't believe in yourself.


Jenny said...

Goosebumps, Jenna.

Preach it.

My dad said that to me all the time growing up. I guess I didn't buy it, because, "all" I ended up doing is being a mama.

Jenny said...

That comment sounded more sarcastic than I meant it. I LOVE being a mama, and I LOVE my dad. But HE believes in himself, not God. So he was preaching a false message to me. That's all I meant.

I'm on a roll with disclaimers and clarifications today.

Yvette said...

I totally remember that being preached to me over & over again at school growing up. Then I finished college, started my first job, and FAILED at it. I hated that job, realized that I couldn't do anything I wanted to do, and no amount of believing would change that. It was a good lesson to learn, and much better to focus on reality.

And just believe and trust the Lord with what he's given me.

I'm so glad that Miles could detect the fallacy in that statement. Way to Miles!

Allison Dillard said...

Amazing how much we think alike- Kev and I were watching last night and that comment stood out to us too- sad really. Up to us to teach them what to put their fatih in---up to God to sear it on their hearts.

Love ya!


Jenna said...