Saturday, May 10, 2008

fight club

Ummmm...did I say I love my boys? Yes. I did. And, truly, I do. But, seriously. I don't really get into this aggresive man crap. Brent is really gentle when he's being rough with the boys. But, somehow, he always gets hurt. And, of course, I have zero sympathy for him, because it happens every-frip-frappin-time. Avery is always laughing through the whole wrestling match. It's like he doesn't feel pain. No. really. He's tough that way. He'll fall off the bed on his head and start laughing...maybe, because his love for slapstick prevails. And Miles is a beast. An absolute beast. Well, without further adieu, here's a short snippet of our family "fight club".


Carol said...

Ouch, that was quite a whomp Miles. Cover Jillian's eyes:))

Joel said...

I'll put $5 on Jillian...she's the silent but deadly type.