Thursday, May 29, 2008

checking in

Hey, friends and fam. I'm still here. I have started like five posts (one of which is my next Fabulous Friend!), but I'm not feeling blog-a-liscious these days. I've kind of caught myself pounding my chest in a feeling self-righteousness. (This is unrelated to the "preaching to the choir" post.) And I haven't felt very funny or interesting. I've felt...depraved. I've been reading a chapter a day in the book of Proverbs. Wisdom and folly are continually compared. I'm seeing so much of my foolishness in high definition right now. Anyway....

Here's a Miles quote from lunch time today. It surprised me, so don't think this is some regurgitated lesson from me!

"Mommy, there's two kinds of 'tired', three. There's the 'I'm tired of obeying Satan' and there's the 'I'm tired of working' and then there's 'I'm tired. I need to lay down.'"

"Tired of obeying Satan???"...well, he's got a point.

I think I'm all three kinds of tired.


SARAH said...

Yet another reason I cannot wait to get you have a "clothing" line item in your budget? I know...we don't have one either...we just get clothes as needed...UGH. That brings me to my next comment...if I had the freedom to do it (i.e. if we just hadn't spend $500 + on our townhouse in LA and were not presently looking at hole in our ceiling here in PA due to a water leak) I'd just take you shopping myself. Anyone have a rich uncle?? Oh well...we'll take care of the closet issue ;). LOVE SARAH

keitha said...

Miles is my hero!