Monday, May 12, 2008

puddin' pop

Giving a baby a freezing cold popsicle might be naughty. But, she does like it. And her expression is just adorable and a little sad and a little funny to me.


keitha said...

i am laughing and covering my mouth because i am not sure if i should be laughing. poor baby girl.

i hope you didnt practice that much before videoing.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I had to watch that a few times.

Nathan is 2 and popsicles are still very exciting. He has yet to figure out how to hold it by the stick. I thinks he does it just so I'll have more laundry to do. ; )

So glad I can see into your life, even though you're so far away. Thanks for your blog!


Anonymous said...

So funny! Orison likes watching it.

Jenny said...


Reminds me of the time we gave Corene a lemon wedge like naughty parents, ready with the camera. She never puckered up, she actually loved it and ate the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

must've been a spicy one. like father like daughter.

- uhnonimus