Thursday, May 29, 2008

wardrobe confessions

1. In my wardrobe, I have a pair of pants that I bought when I was 16 and a pair of shoes I've owned since I was 18.

2. I have very few clothes that fit me. Either too big or too small.

3. I still have lots of maternity clothes lingering in my drawers and closet?! What's up? Just take them out and put them in the maternity Rubbermaid container?!!!

4. Finding an outfit on Sunday morning is one of my biggest challenges. It's ridiculously difficult. I change my clothes four times and have come close to wearing track pants to church.

5. I hate shopping for myself. I love shopping for the kids.

6. I have around 15 pairs of Christmas socks. Probably more.

7. If I could wear one outfit, it would be cotton track pants and a tank top.

8. If I could wear one outfit for the rest of my life, I would.

9. I have been known to wear one outfit for 36 hours.

10. Or longer.


Joel said...

I think this blog needs a M rating for mature audiences only.

keitha said...

no stones here.

you and me babe, you and me.

my one outfit would be a 70's patio dress.

Jenny said...

Jenna, you are too funny. I m with you on #9&10. I figure if I see different people on different days, they won't know that I slept in the outfit I'm wearing.
I suspect this will happen more often once I'm driving Corene to School every morning at 8:30.

You and me. Savers.

Andie said...

I totally have the church clothes dilemma. I often end up in jeans which are too big and require a belt that I hope I can find. ( because the dressier clothes are either half in the laundry or I have unshaved legs and can't wear them) I did find some awesome half-off capris at Savers on Mem. day.
I was in nursery with Jillian. She has the cutest dimples.
I, and my children, wear our clothes for 36 hours at a time for sure. (who needs pajamas?)

Jenna said...

Dear Keitha, Jenny and Andie,
I love you.

Dawn S. said...

jenna and jenny - can I crash that Savers run? :)

Jenna said...

Of course, Dawn! Let's set a date, shall we?!