Thursday, December 17, 2009

Am I the only one COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT that Christmas is in, like, a week?!!

that's it. just freaked out. not ready. but, i WILL say that as i'm feeling the anxiety levels rise, i'm reminding myself that JESUS came to be THE LAMB OF GOD. so, so, SO thankful for christmas. i DESPERATELY need a Savior.


Greta said...

My anxiety level is the highest it's been in a while, today. However, very little of that has to do with Christmas.
Well a little bit had to do with Christmas but I got the rest of my Christmas cards and some gifts mailed today so that helped a ton.

Amen and amen to your post though. I wish I could give stress and anxiety away as gifts! Wouldn't that help out with everything? They're free!!

Chelsea Bass said...

I'm a little freaked out.

We don't have a single gift for anyone.

What's sad is that if we said to our family, "Sorry, we just never got around to getting any gifts this year. We didn't have much time or money. But you don't care right? I mean we're celebrating Jesus. What do presents have to do with it?" they'd probably smile and say it was okay and yes, that's right. Then, when we weren't around we'd get blasted out of the family.

cool dad said...

I should probably be more freaked out, but I'm just telling myself that we're not doing gifts for Christmas, so I'm not buying any. Too bad no one else knows that.

Rachel said...

FREAKED. and still freaking.

I want this to be a week of worship and not a week of frenzy. I've been thinking about the stable and Bethlehem--Jesus chose simple, even crude means for his entry into the world--maybe our celebration should reflect that.