Tuesday, December 8, 2009

three favorite toddler words + one more for good measure

1. Avery said Dobba-Duba for Bob the Builder.

2. Miles said chep-up for ketchup.

3. Jillian says, sim-soup for swim suit.

Do you know any words that you said when you were a tot? Or, what are your favorites that you've heard over the years?

...one more...my nephew, Samuel, said a-dodo-bo for adorable. love that one!


Nelson said...

I love these toddler-isms!

Levi has been "ya-ya" "doh-doh" and "leli" to three younger brothers respectively.

Top of my head from my nephew is "doh-doo-doo-doo" (toaster strudel).

Chelsea Bass said...

I said "bima" for "pillow."

My friend's little girl started saying "Jophes" for "Joseph." As in, Jophes, father of Jesus.

Melissa said...

is the blog post inspired by the recent office episode by any chance?

currently goofy at our house sounds like poopy. it made me nervous at first when she would proclaim, "it's a poopy!"

and thankfully, fork now has a r in it.

Julie said...

One of my favorites is currently said by Christopher (almost 3) - "poop paste" for "toothpaste". :)

Julie Bauer

Shannon Archer said...

Tyndie used to say noey-bah for granola bar:)

Greta said...

"Giggles!" for pickles
"Boom-dozer" for bulldozer
"Bob-cap" for bobcat
And my personal fav...
"Crack-ho" for trackhoe or backhoe


Abraham said...

A classic at our house growing up was "co-cockaty," Karsten's word for motorcycle and helicopter.

And here at Molly's and my place, Orison is just growing out of calling the first meal of the day "breast kiss."

Anonymous said...

Orison used to call computers "pooties." I loved that one sooooo much.

Morrow says "mummy" for yummy quite often. I like it.

Melissa said...

oh no, i love how orison says breakfast!

tiffany said...

Jeneva used to say "karma john" for parmesean. Jude says "sir bup" for syrup. fun post!

Sarah said...

I LOVE reading these!!

Maryn said "bun-uh-ma" with a lot of lip movement for banana.

I loved watching Will's mouth when he would say "joo" for juice.

And memories of watching Gavin in the rearview mirror as he shrugged his shoulders and said "no moon" when the sun was out still crack me up.

Jake said...

Our little guy used to attach "-dee-dee" to the end of lots of things:
-Stroller: Stro-dee-dee
-Yogurt: Yo-dee-dee
-Computer: Bo-dee-dee

Jenny Rigney said...

I would say coo-case for "suit case"...and my dad says that I still don't pronounce "breakfast" right...oh well.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My eldest said "dudda-boo" for w (double-u) when he was a baby. I loved that to pieces.

neely said...

there's my classic "carpons" for pickles. no one is sure why.

samuel used to say "paste-tooth" for toothpaste. still unsure what this is signaling.

and baseball in our house will likely always remain "batball"

JohnnyB said...

Have to add a couple - Elizabeth used to say "ticalope" for cantaloupe and when Christopher first came home, she called him Chrisater.

Are we terrible parents for not correcting them, and in the back of our minds, really wishing they say those things wrong for the rest of their lives just to make us smile?