Saturday, December 19, 2009

three movies, without which, i don't know what my childhood might have been like...

We loved these movies. We quoted these movies. It wasn't the mark of our family but it was a mark. And I can't help but think that knowing these movies inside and out and quoting them at just the right moment bonded us together.

Did you grow up on movies? Which ones?


Anonymous said...

I LOVED Overboard!

My top movies as a kid were: (drum roll...)

Caddyshack II
Funny Farm
The Great Outdoors
The Money Pit

We should totally watch one of these together sometime.

Jenna said...

oh my gosh...
Funny Farm and Money Pit. DEFINITELY on our list.

georgiawhite said...

MONEY PIT and OVERBOARD! Yes - and maybe we all know them because they were on TBS every Sat.

Other family favs. Can I have a drumroll, too?
Three Amigos
The Princess Bride

Ched said...


I would have to add,

1. Princess Bride: "Inconceivable!"

2. Joe versus the Volcano: "I know he can get the job. But can he do the Job?"

3. That Thing you Do: "You gotta be quick with me. I'm from Erie PA."

Toiling Ant said...

Groundhog Day is my fam's fave. I still remember the first time we watched it, and how hard I laughed.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I think about how certain movies or T.V. shows might affect my kids in negative ways, I remember that I had the entire movie "Footloose" memorized at one time...and I think I turned out alright. ??

Can't claim it as a family favorite, but it was definitely one of mine. YIKES!

I just now realized that I may be dating myself...


P.S. "dinsi" That's my word verification. Is that like how I feel as a blonde?

Rachel said...

miss pants, I may have been born a day after you, but I was totally raised in another era:

*Sound of Music
*The Little Princess

Jenna said...

Oh Rach,

I'm with you. Love all those, with the exception of The Little Princess. Actually had Annie on the list, but it was more MY obsession than a family movie. But, we definitely incorporated "DEATH COMES UNEXPECTEDLY" and "pills and bills" from Pollyanna in our everyday language. Neely and I would sometimes wonder together what "calves foot jelly" actually was. ick.

And for a family lacking representation in a show choir, we did an awful lot of numbers from the Sound of Music. We loved us some musicals.

That said, I always feel a little left out when people start singing numbers from The Music Man or Oklahoma...or countless others, actually...

Freckles said...

Cloak & Dagger
Sound of Music

Jenna said...

Cloak & Dagger was good. The storyline is so fractured in my memory that I find myself trying to piece it together still. I just need to break down and watch it again. But, that would require me to either get Netflix or go to a Blockbuster. Oh well. mystery left unsolved!

neely said...

jenna... i obviously share your choices in movies since we lived them together. i will have to offer up "private eyes" as an honorable mention. wookelars, anyone?

Jenna said...

neely! i knew you'd come through w/ another classic!

Mandy said...

Please tell me you've seen Back to the Beach with Frankie and Annette?


She's Outta Control (Tony Danza)
Adventures in Babysitting (Elizabeth Shue)
Summer Rental (John Candy)

All great!

I loved all your choices as well!!!

Karla Anne said...

I love your choices, Jenna, and we saw all of them several times!

Sarah may refresh my memory, but these are what stick in my mind...

*The 3 Amigos
*Princess Bride ("mawidge")
*any John Hughes ones (Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, etc.)
*Savannah Smiles

Sarah said...

Savannah Smiles was a big one Karla, although I don't think we could watch it over and over SINCE I CRIED so very very very hard...even in the movie theater!!! Kind of like me today with the Lord of the Rings them...but will watch them only once cuz they scare me.

The ones I remember watching REPEATEDLY and could quote today:

Better of Dead (a John Cusack classic)
Back to the Future (only the first one)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (I think I know every line)
Return of the Jedi
Princess Bride
Romancing the Stone (love the mudslide)

So fun...a lil' bit of memory lane with everyone!!!

Karla Anne said...

Sarah, I absolutely agree!

I also thought of:

The Sound of Music (still puts a lump in my throat when it starts)

all the Karate Kid movies (lame, I know)

fun topic, Jenna!