Friday, December 11, 2009

three reasons i'm surprised this book has survived on our shelf

Here's the culprit. Looks innocent enough.


Huh. At the very least, this feels awkward to read.


This picture upsets me. The flame is DEFINITELY consuming the bush. Charring the bush pretty much takes away much of the miraculousness of the event.


Really? I'm not saying it's not important, but hm...I think I'll take God's FREE GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE over the law, thanks.

I doubt I'm the only one who cringes at many Bible-like children's books. The worst one ever was called Waldo the Whale and was all about Waldo's self-esteem issues, until God had mercy on the whale and gave him a sense of purpose by giving him the task of--you guessed it--swallowing Jonah. Yep. And, at the end, God thanks Waldo.

But, don't worry folks! We've got some great Bible storybooks for the kiddos, too!


Greta said...

Ok, but where IS Waldo?

Jenna said...

Ha! nice. Waldo is in a landfill.

Anonymous said...

I read this book to Jillian a lot and usually change the last page to something like, "Moses, as an agent under the hand of God, delivered, by proxy, a significant, but far less important gift of redemptive history...Moses' enourmous pecs!

One of the boys tore the part about it being the 10 commandments years ago so I feel like I can improvise a little.


Jenny said...

HAHA!! That's BAD!! Wow!

Good thing you have Brent to completely redeem the book. Phew.

Melissa said...

apparently we are *that* couple who people think if it has God or something about God it would make the prefect gift for us.

One time, my step-mom wanted to get us a clock for our apartment. It had a huge picture Jesus' face as the background. You know Jesus looking like Fabio with his long locks blowing in the breeze. But thankfully in the Lord's gracious providence the store was all sold out.

currently we have a coffee mug that has praying hands bulging out of the side. classy, i know.

prehaps its a southern thing. i can almost bet we will get something like this for Christmas.

neely said...

Melissa... a day. just one day with your southern family. that would be a good day in my life. so much material there.

i like the guest comment from brent. let's try to make this appearance more frequently than once a year. reminds me of the toe post. ewwww.

Anonymous said...

We used to have this same book and I remember reading it to Elliot. But that is not my reason for leaving a post. Instead, I wanted to comment on the adorable picture of your youngest daughter on your blog - and give a hearty welcome to Po-bo. Glad she made the blog! :)


Melissa said...

oh neely, a day with our families would make you either, more spiritual, 5 lbs heavier, or turn you into a plum redneck.

kate o. said...

this is too great, and if it was given to us i'd bet you anything it would be the one my boys would want to read over and over. with this post and the family pic on your next post, i'm full-up on laughs until new years. many thanks!

and i love how moses looks irish.