Thursday, December 10, 2009

three closing lines for emails

1. A version of a typical closing line from ministry leaders at my church:

"Looking forward to glorifying God with you for the joy of all peoples through this ministry,

2. The way I sign off most of my emails:


3. A version of how I might sign off with close friends:

"Apathetically, you greasy hoser,

How do you sign off on emails? Always the same? Or do you change it up?


Abraham said...

Always the same:


Sometimes I edit it, though.

Elizabeth said...

I usually do: XO, EE.

But I'm thinking about co-opting your new line. I likes that.

Jake said...

Always with just initials. Sometimes a "Peace--" in the last paragraph.

Tracy: said...



Boring, I wanna spice it up a bit!!

Peace out, yo!

Brandon said...


Almost every time.

Broken Yet Grateful said...

Because I have not found a sincere way for me to sign off, I don't say anything.

So, you referred to someone as hoser. Do you remember Wayne's World? I loved that movie!

Tim said...

Almost always:

--Tim <><


God bless you!

When in an official capacity:

Tim Motte
[company or church]

Amber said...

Spice it up. Officially (for work), it's usually something like "Thanks," or "Look forward to hearing from you," but to friends it's different a lot..."LOVES!" or "Peace" or "Hang in there" or something else relevant to the email or just my name or sometimes no signature at all.

Sara Dick said...

If it's a more formal email, For His Glory and our JOY,
but often I don't say anything or -S or Sara or See ya or whatever stupid thing comes to my tired brain

like.a.cannon said...

I usually end it with " hidden behind the cross," then my name.

Stephen said...

Usually just

Stephen Davis

unless I'm trying to impress people with my European knowhow, in which case I'll add "Cheers".

Bob Johnson said...

In His hands,

Jen said...

In an email to students, it's almost always just my initials or sometimes

See you in class Wednesday,

So's they don't think the email forgives class attendance.

But for personal emails it's usually just the first initial . . . because they know who I am. But sometimes


That's when I'm feeling particularly hip.

Abraham said...

I'm noticing that the folks with the holiest and most extravagant sign-offs haven't made an appearance yet to answer your question.

2 possibilities:

1. They're embarrassed of it.
2. They don't read blogs; they glorify God.


Rosanna said...

My standard sign-off:


or, if I don't know the recipient very well:


But when I first got my iPhone I formatted emails sent from it to end with:

~from my iPhone~

and I always think it sounds so technologicaly snobby. I need to change it.

JL! said...

Most of the time, I try to keep the signature out of the way and I just use "Josh" on the last line, by it self.

Occasionally, when I'm feeling saucy, I use my other moniker "JL!"

That's all. I generally dislike verbose signatures unless they're hilarious.

Jennifer said...

Usually just
I capitalize if it's a business issue and if it's someone who pays me or could pay me one day I add the last name and initials that come after:
-Jennifer Paulsen MSPH, CPH

Sometimes if it's for church I add in Pax or In His Hands...

Gus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gus said...

Best regards,
In Him,
Peace and love,
(Generic time frame ex. See you next week! Or... Looking forward to...),
Follow your bliss,


Below my name is the signature with full name, credentials, place of employment, and cell number. This may (or may not) get deleted in a casual email.

Jenna said...


I have put "sent from my iPhone" under my name, because it makes me laugh. (I have Verizon.)

I think I would enjoy anything from a subtle(ish) Lebowski reference:

"calm'n you are,"

to a dorky twitter reference:


There are plenty of times that I TRULY want to sign off with a
"Because God CAN and WILL do more than we could ever ask or imagine,"

But, I don't because I don't want it to read:
"Holier than you are,

I would exhort many of you to get a little bit more spicy in your sign-offs. It makes bland exchanges a bit more fun.

Takin' it to a whol' nubba lebel,


Anonymous said...

It's always


...sometimes I add a line before such as

In Christ,
I like you,
Praying for you,

Maybe I'll start commenting on their hygiene, saying things like

From a place that smells nicer than you,


At least I shower daily,

Molly Piper said...

Reading these make me wish I was funny.

I did one semi-recently that I was so insecure about for a looong time after I sent it, and it wasn't even that big of a deal. I said "Keep on keepin' on!" and I was so self-conscious about it!

But humor takes risks. That's part of why I love you! I'm learning to take more risks.

Richard Wardman said...

Good old:

Every blessing,

Or more informally:

Bestest blessings,

Or to a guy (if I know he will appreciate it):

Love, hugs and sloppy kisses,

Greta said...

Quite a few comments for your "lamest post ever".
I usually stick with:
g - if you don't type in caps
G - if you do

But I have witty sign-off envy. You know, it really needs to be good or it's just dumb.

You're funny,

Abraham said...

I think a new, good option is combining all of Scott's options into one:

In Christ, I like you, Praying for you, Thanks, etc.,



Chris said...

I like when people sign off with:


Stuffy Business Contact

- It sounds very formal and cool at the same time. I can rarely get myself to do it though. Pretty much anything other "Thanks," comes off feeling odd when I do it.

What we need is some legalism. Freedom in this matter is causing stress in all of us. Someone dictate what is proper and then I can stick to it.

Then we can have churches divide over letter of the law signatures which have to be signed in the King James approved "Blessings to Thee" and those with more freedom who bend it into "Blessings to You" and finally the "emergent" signers who make references to sloppy kisses.

Jenna said...

I like the idea of combining Scott's options. How about...

"Praying for you in the shower,"

"I like Christ,"

"Thanks for smelling not as good as me,"

AND MOLLY! Shame on you! You ARE funny. And I'm so surprised you were self-conscious. I don't think of you that way at all! Keep on keepin' on, Molly!!!

Sarah said...

Seriously if you stop this series Jan 1, I will officially hit the deepest of post holiday blues ever. I LOVE these so much. "Praying for you in the shower" just about threw me off my chair in laughter. I have nothing know I've signed like this forever and I've often wondered why. BIG opposed to small love...I dunno. But here it is as you see it always...LOVE SARAH

Melissa said...

I am often tempted to end the email by making sure I'm not coming off a way that I don't want to. Like:

Really, I'm the worst of all sinners,


I was LOLing the whole time,


I really hope you got my joke,

You know, things that add extra reassurance for myself.

But honestly, I rarely sign my name. Just in case I said something dumb, I feel like by not 'signing' my email they are less likely to remember it was me that said it.

I probably should go repent of my people pleasingness,


Larissa said...

My typical ending goes like this:

L :)

('cause I'm apparently just to lazy to type the "arissa", but not to lazy to flash a grin!)

Aidje said...

I see option one used a *lot*. Personally, I go with a simple:

Firstname Lastname

If I feel like the person might need my phone number, I'll put that under my name. If they seem confused about which email address of mine they should be using, then I'll put the correct one under my name (in addition to replying from the correct account).

Jenny said...

I'm not as funny as you, Jenna. Every so often, and usually in an email to YOU, I'll be funny. I think I'm gonna branch out and be more creative. Exhortation taken, friend!!! :)

I knew someone once who I really really tried hard to respect, but there were indiscretions that just made me feel he was a hypocrite. He always signed his letters/emails, "In the Potter's hands". I just can't go with option 1 because of how that turned me off. Even though I know many people who sincerely and wholeheartedly mean every ounce of their flowery sig.

Thinking I may have gotten too serious in this comment,


Jenna said...

I like how Jenny and Melissa have chosen the disclaimer sign off.

Not that I'm trying to judge or anything,

p.s. "flowery sig"? i love that. i think i want to smoke that.

Nelson said...

To my hubby, mom and MIL I sign, "Love Me" -- purposefully leaving out the comma -- part closing, part command. Otherwise just my name or initial.

I do appreciate the clever one (when I receive them or, more rarely, think of one) but otherwise don't notice if its plain-ish.

neely said...

For work and sometimes friends.. Best, Neely

When I'm emailing Steve from my work account (which is routinely monitored by compliance co-workers), I'll sign it "Love, B" That makes me giggle, because I know they're DYING to know what the B stands for... I'll never tell.

i love these word verifications... befugho? definitely italian for "before i go"

Rachel said...

great question, Jenna. This has been bugging me for a while. I've been:

Cheers, Rach

for like 4 years and have been sick of it for at least 2.

XO and ~ are happy and easy. All the serious ones feels so put on and pretentious when I type them out.

I'm having some many pregnancy cravings these days that I think I'm going to go with whatever I'm craving at that moment.

Chocolate pudding, Rach

Frothy root beer, Rach

When I can I please have some wine, Rach

Anonymous said...


THESE ARE HILARIOUS! It has been WAY too long since I've been on your blog! I always just sign off with Blessings or Love and then my name! So incredibly boring! But, when I sign off to my family who have assigned me so many nicknames it's usually,

Love, Bones or Love, Bonzabub, or Zabubbers, or Love, Jawbones (the original nickname given to me from my Dad for no reason other than he gives pyschotic nicknames with no meaning but they ALWAYS stick!)

My favorite is Cal's teacher's sign off which is "In His Grip"!! I love it!

I miss you like crazy, Jenna!!



Just kidding :)! I hate that one by the way - way too stiff and formal! from my i-phone :)

James said...

Work e-mail to colleagues:


Work e-mail to clients:


For personal e-mails, I have no discernible pattern.

I've always thought those e-mails from ministry leaders at church are a little excessive, too.