Sunday, December 6, 2009

three thoughts...forcing myself to blog

Yep. I need to practice writing here more. But, this line item doesn't count as one of my thoughts.

1. Everyone asks, "How is it with four?". I love it. Jillian is the most difficult right now. She's two and climbs, marks on everything with markers (usually washable), puts her REAL dinner in the PLAY oven, loves to "see how Phoebe's doin'" wake Phoebe up, make random calls and texts on my cell phone, etc. The rest of them are easy. But, this season will be gone before I know it. I just realized this morning that Jillian is HALFWAY to Kindergarten. See? Poof! Life is a vapor. Oh...and, in other news, Jillian also provides tons of entertainment. My favorite quote of late is when she announced, "I like me!"

2. Everyone asks, "Are you done?". Hm. Probably? I know this is one of those questions where people feel like it's nobody's business, but we always want to know. We're all just a bunch of freaks wantin' to know stuff we can't really know.

3. Everyone (in my family) asks...for more pictures. Hm. I just uploaded some, but in the transfer to Blogger, the quality looks so poor. I don't know why, but all my photos look like camera phone pics. Oh well. Here's the kiddos.

Looks like Jillian was playing with Phoebe. she's free!

Avery asks to hold Phoebe everyday. It's sweet!

Miles likes her, too!

Jillian is going through a cheesy smile phase...but I think it's kinda cute!


Chelsea Bass said...

Adorable pictures! I had problems with my photos looking fuzzy in blogger, too. I've now started loading them into Flikr, then copying the HTML into my posts. It's pretty simple, and the pictures look MUCH better.

Sarah said...

shoulder shaking laughter..."I like me." Well, we like ya too ya little rascal!! If only you had your camera there to quickly video clip that moment!! The tech-savvy Jilly...would love to see those fingers quickly doing her biz on your phone. Love the pic of Phoebe all covered with Jillian's busyness too. Ah...and the b/w's of the delicious. Love that you are enjoying this and finding humor and miss lil' cheeseball.

Rachel said...

Love the pictures, Jenna--happy, happy family. It was so nice of Jillian to share all her animals with Phoebe. And yes, poof, it goes so fast. Right before I read this I watched a two-year-old toddle into panera holding her dad's hand. It reminded me of all the outings Ava and I went on. Now she's in Kindergarten and I miss my little shadow.

Karla Anne said...

What a precious family you have, Jenna!

Phoebe is beautiful, as are the other 3, and I LOVE her chunky lil' legs. :)

Greta said...

I love that - we're all just a bunch freaks wantin' to know stuff we can't really know. My curious self loves that you answered that question too.

I bet a house that full just feels good and satisfying :).

All your kids are precious, just precious. (how's that for Southern? maybe Molly could serve it up at book club...)

I've said it before, but I sure do wish we could get our kiddos together and hang out. I think Jillian would give Sam a run for his money. (that was an old person thing to say.)