Wednesday, December 9, 2009

three shows i'm watching these addition to "the office", of course

I'm not proud of the fact that I'm keeping up with at least four shows this season. I usually watch one or none. But, thanks to Hulu (until 2010), I've been laughing along with Brent watching these comedies:

1. gLee Why is this show so addictive? Is it the musical numbers or the teen drama? I'm embarrassed. Let's move on.
2. Modern Family Two characters make this show for me: Cam and Phil.
3. Community The dialogue has gotten so tight on this show. Sometimes, the lines are so funny that I'm not even laughing. Instead, I'm jealous that I didn't write them! Ridiculously quirky characters. Probably my favorite on this list.

What are you watching? Be honest. You love gLee, don't you?!


Lisa said...

Community! Too funny! Isn't Shirley great?!

Greta said...

Yes, I do!
I watched some Community when it first came on then it got bumped b/c of a conflicting show...can't even think which one now but I'm thinking I may need to watch some online.
Haven't seen Modern Fam but I've heard great stuff about it.

I watch entirely too much TV...thanks to the DVR.

Julie said...

We LOVE Glee! That's the only one that we watch religiously.

Julie Bauer

Allison Dillard said...

We are completely addicted to Glee---to the point that I go around saying " and that's how Allison C's it!"

Too funny!

Miss you!


Chelsea Bass said...

We watched an episode of Glee and we weren't impressed. I also don't like High School musical, and I guess that's what I thought of while watching it.

Our favorite show on TV right now is 30 Rock. So funny.

Toiling Ant said...

I'm kinda looking forward to Hulu going all paid on us because there's no way I'm paying, and I'll get a good four or five hours of my week back. (We don't have a TV by choice, but Hulu has definitely blurred the lines there....)

I rarely miss:

The Office
30 Rock

I'll also often watch Monk or The Colbert Report with my Hubs, and we both got into the last season of Dancing with the Stars (now THAT was a time suck!).

Sarah said...

WHAT?? Did you drop SYTYCD? Oh my!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Watching the results show right now!!

Community. YES!!! 30 Rock ;)

On HULU...FlashForward. I completely blame Kurt for getting me hooked.

Sarah said...

WHAT?? Did you drop SYTYCD? Oh my!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Watching the results show right now!!

Community. YES!!! 30 Rock ;)

On HULU...FlashForward. I completely blame Kurt for getting me hooked.

Jenna said...

Lisa- I love Shirley...I love them all. That's what I love about the writing/casting. The talent and writing is strong in every character. I even like Pierce now.

Same with 30 Rock, which I ALMOST added to the list. Kenny? Tracy Jordan? I love them. Sadly, I've only watched one or two episodes this season.

Chelsea- I've never seen Highschool Musical. It's one of those movies that so many people have told you how "cute" and "clean" it is that I'm CONVINCED I'll think it's dirty and annoying. You know, like when someone oversells a comedy and you find yourself NOT laughing.

Allison-I'm so glad you can appreciate Glee. Be honest. Who were you cheering for when it was the Diva-off competition? Kurt or Rachel?

Toiling Ant-I'm so with you on welcoming Hulu's charging. By the way, I think I recall you mentioning your blog name was an anagram. I'm so tempted to pull out some scrabble pieces and decode the name.

Sarah-It's sad, but I'm not enjoying SYTYCD. It doesn't work w/ our schedule and we don't have Tivo and they aren't on Hulu. Bummer.

Julie-I feel much more comfortable knowing that you and John watch this. Seriously. I feel a little self-conscious about watching it.

Greta- Do yourself a favor and...nevermind...I'm going to email you a few links to my favorite scenes from Community. And just give Modern Family a try. Two words: Phil and Cam. ("and" doesn't count!)

Anonymous said...

I am also embarrassed to be so TV-addicted lately. It is truly a new thing, and I blame the internet which permits you to watch your shows whenever you please.
I love or like:
1. the office
2. glee
3. lie to me
4. wipeout (where adults make fools of themselves on an obstacle course)
5. 24
6. your description of community has me sold already? i feel just like you said you feel - not able to laugh because the dialogue is so jam-packed - whenever sue sylvester is ripping mr. shuster about his man-perm. out. of. control.
i ought to be studying right now.

Freckles said...

I dropped SYTYCD... Its sucks lately. The judges panel is all for show, I hate that Mia is gone, and the dancers this season get on my nerves.

GLEE is awesome.

I like Lie to Me.... and House.

But really, I don't watch much television. I think its bad for you.

Oh and, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia! That one is my favorite! Yes, definitely my fav. I hate that its only for 25 mintues a week.

Danielle said...

Community is my favorite new show of the year...behind gLee, of course.

I wanted to see Modern Family, but it didn't work out. I'll have to look for it online, for sure.

I also LOVE Project Runway. L-O-V-E.