Monday, July 28, 2008

And the 2008 Parent of the Year award goes to...

Miles was difficult tonight. Having been sent to his room, he marched with the loudest protesting stomps ever. He might have dented our wood floors with his bare feet had he not been thwarted by a throw rug (I'm guessing as he was out of sight by now). All I know is that he was stomping madly, and then there was some sort of crash, and then there was loud crying. And then there was quiet snickering of parents in the dining room. A parent feels a bit of relief when a child experiences a natural long as it doesn't require a trip to (or even consideration of) the emergency room.

Anyway, our kid was still rather peeved apparently, when I hollered, "Hey Mi, you alright? You need an ice pack or something?"

"No," he sulked. And then came, "Here's something I need: BETTER PARENTS!!!!"

Avery--who often mistakes himself for the third parent--found the perfect opportunity to show his loyalty with, "There are no better parents..."

and then added, "...except for the ol' John Piper!"

That would be our pastor. And, no, we don't know where they come up with this stuff. And, yes, Miles does need better parents. That's why we will be dropping him off at John and Noel Piper's doorstep.


Neely & Steve said...

the visual... Miles sitting on the bench with a note attached to his shirt.. HIGH-larious post.

Dawn S. said...

I never, ever know what I am going to find here...too MUCH!!

Tiffany said...

Would you STOP being so funny. I just read your last three posts and once again I have to pee. Note to self: use the restroom BEFORE reading Jenna's blog.

miss ya!

Chelsea Bass said...

It appears you are an Arrested Development fan. You could always tell your children to be thankful that George and Lucille Bluth are not their parents.. Someday, they will understand.

Katie said...

So funny. Your kids are adorable!