Thursday, July 3, 2008

butterflies are wicked cool. or, maybe more accurately stated, butterflies declare the glory of God.

Our neighbor gave us a caterpillar. We put it in a plastic jar and expected it to die. Within 24 hours, it sluggishly made it's way to a stick, and hung there. We thought that perhaps it just might form a chrysalis. And, the next morning, we woke up to just that. The second picture shows what appeared to be its head. strange. It had been black and spiky with some red spots. In roughly two weeks, the somewhat large butterfly emerged from his transforming slumber. You really can't get a feel for its size in the picture provided. I would say its wingspan was 3 1/2 inches. After a few hours, he was ready for his great escape. I was trembling with fear as we released him (seriously. the fluttering freaked me out. not a nature person.). So there are no good photos of his freedom flight. But, I am hoping for many more caterpillar-to-butterfly experiences which truly declare the glory of God.

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Neely & Steve said...

True 'dat about Jenna... not a nature person. Her idea (and honestly, my idea) of camping involves four walls, a roof, heating/cooling, showers... pretty much a hotel room.

Jen, glad you stepped outside of your comfort zone to help declare God's glory.

Sis #2