Thursday, July 17, 2008

summer is flying!!!

I can't believe it. Summer. It always looks so open and free in the early Spring. I find myself thinking, Finally. We'll have the So-and-so family over. Maybe we'll go travel out west. Maybe we'll go out east. Maybe we'll catch a cheap fare to Florida. I really am this optimistic in April. And it doesn't stop there. I'm sure I thought that we'd get three major house projects completed at the very least. hm. Some of you know that I was even trying to gather a friends to join an adult co-ed kickball league. I'm not even slightly kidding. (It's still a dream. You might be getting a call early next Spring!!) I was thinking that we'd travel by bicycles almost exclusively this Summer. I thought that we'd have a multi-family garage sale worthy of a listing in the paper. I thought I'd have at least an herb garden planted. And I really imagined I'd stay on top of those pesky weeds in my flower gardens. I was planning on having an academic plan for the boys in hopes of keeping Avery's skills sharp while preparing Miles for Kindergarten. I would have thought that we'd each have 10 new verses memorized by now. I would have thought that Jillian's birthday would have included a homemade cake decorated in the style of some funky fabric that so inspired me, but no. Her cake didn't even have her name on it! I wanted to start a book club and keep up on hosting craft nights at my house. But, no.

We haven't done any of the above, but we have stayed busy. Brent and the boys are all on some sort of baseball or softball team. I just had a lovely visit with my dear friend Sarah. We had an awesome visit with Joy, Craig, Cal and Ava when they were here for a three hour layover and saw our house and neighborhood for the first time ever. We met our exchange student, Yuki, who will be staying with us soon for a short two weeks. We love her already!!! We went to St. Louis and visited my folks before they took off for a 2 1/2 month stay in eastern Europe. We've done some stuff. And there's more on the calendar. I can't imagine posting about all of the various things, so, here's some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy! (Disclaimer: I know I'm in a lot of these. I don't have very many of Brent. So, I'm sorry if it seems like a lot of me. It's not very often that I post pictures of myself...I don't think so anyway.)


sARAH said...

I love this...we have every good intention to accomplish it all. Praise God HE has our days in His hands and accomplishes His will and not our own.

Karla said...

I love the pics...and the reminder. I need to let go of my lists and let HIM work in and through my summer!