Thursday, July 31, 2008

confession #2 - the extent of my flakiness

I'm incredibly forgetful. Although I'm known for remembering some minuscule detail you told me about your best friend from the fourth grade's parents or remarkably recalling phone numbers that I've only dialed once, I am truly, truly flaky. I forget current they are happening.

example from today:

I was in my car talking to my sister about plans for dinner. Should we go out to Cafe Latte? Or should we just get a bucket of chicken and go to the park? I walked into my house and the most delicious aroma of pot roast lingered in the air. Oh. That's right. I already made dinner.

This kind of forgetfulness happens in some form every single day.


Karla said...

Jenna, that makes me feel so much better. I would not survive without Post-It notes placed in strategic places throughout the house...even in my car, reminding me of things I really should not have to be reminded of.

We mommies have a lot going on!

Neely & Steve said...

No, seriously, folks. I was on the other line... it was hilarious. Oh yeah, and typical. But I do it too.

Neely: Honey, where are my glasses?

Steve: Uh... on your head.

(That's a typical conversation).

keitha said...

God love you Jenna. I am crying laughing over here.

danielle said...

illusions, michael, illusions!!! ha ha ha ha!!!!! best show EVER.

Jenny said...

You KNOW that I know what THAT feels like.