Friday, August 1, 2008

picking up the pieces

This morning, I hurriedly whipped the cap off of my diminishing deoderant, only to have the pieces fly across the bathroom in every direction. What's a girl to do? Work it like a jigsaw and get those pieces back in there. And try, try, try to remember to put it on the grocery list.

p.s. I'm going to make the list right. now.


Anonymous said...

I have totally done this before too! We must so desperately need our armpits to smell good. Glad you confessed to this and that I am not the only one!


danielle said...

this happened to shaun very early in the morning when it was still dark (little chunks of deodorant all over the floor). what's a guy to do in the dark? find his wife's fruity smelling deodorant and "borrow" some.

Jenna said...

oh, danielle, i *almost* borrowed Brent's deo, but it's that clear gel kind that comes up through the plastic grate. no thanks, brent!

thank you for sharing! miss you.

Rachel said...

Oh, I have done this. I have definitely done this. And then I put it on the list and leave the list at home. So helpful!

Bethany said...

Maybe try to kind that oozes out the top. Ya can't spill it!