Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a night on the town (if by "town" you mean "arden hills")

So. How do I explain this? You know we had Youki living with us. You didn't know about Nana (pronounced Nah-Nah). She was staying with our neighbor who is our really good friend, who's husband was also our realtor, and they go to our church. The husband's really YOUNG aunt is Dawn (she and her husband, Lee also go to our church...actually we all go to their church, because they were there first!). So, Dawn, Nana, Youki and I all went bowling . I thought I'd share the pictures.

I have to laugh at this picture because I didn't have a strike the whole night. This might have been after a gutter ball for all I know.

Here's our Youki!

"Aunt Dawn", but just Dawn to me...well not just Dawn. She so much fun.

And Nana!

Okay. We are all fun, but look at Youki! So much spunk! So much character. I really love her like a daughter. I'll tell you more about her stay sometime soon, I hope. I'll just say we miss her very, very much.

And she makes the best faces! Seriously. Hopefully, I'll get her permission to do a post of "expressions from Youki". This one make me belly-laugh every time.

Ah. Nana felt like sisters with Dawn and Jenny. So sweet.

She's actually celebrating a strike in this shot!

Well, I had such a blast even though it was probably my WORST bowling score ever. I didn't break 100...not even 80, I think.


Dawn S. said...

You didn't break 80? I thought you did...maybe it was 77...haha

Had a great time with all of you!!
Missed Jenny!


Sarah said...

Youki looks like a cheerleader!!! So stinkin' adorable! Her scrunched up face is incredible. Only someone as cute as her can get away with that. I want her back with you NOW!

Tiffany said...

looks like a blast! bowling is great sport that always seems to bring out a crazy side to everyone.

Jenny said...

OK, OK. I've not been able to comment on this post because of my envy.

Raincheck. Check.

Looks like so much fun I wanna go now.