Wednesday, August 27, 2008

confession # 9 - i like birds, but i'm not an animal person

I feel like such a villain sharing this with you. I was THRILLED to find out that Miles is allergic to cats and dogs. These domesticated mammals are not my bag. Here's just five of my many reasons.

1. They poop, pee and vomit unexpectedly on your floors.
2. I'm not interested in wearing what my animal has shed.
3. They hump.
4. They go through garbage...and they like the grossest kind!
5. They are expensive to buy, feed, vaccinate, medicate, hospitalize and "put down".


Greta said...

I'm with ya! Sadly though, my son seems to be uuuub-sessed with animals. He's only 10 months old though so maybe he'll grow out of it...

P.S. Jillian is adorable!

kara said...

That's alright, I loved dogs enough for both of us. Besides, apparently you already have to deal with Jillian going through your trash. Why give her an accomplice?

You're probably thinking, "Who the heck are you?" I just recently found your blog via Molly's. And I found Molly's via Rocks in my Dryer when reading about baby Morrow John. (Praise God!)

Besides the fact that I enjoy your witty writing, I've bookmarked you because you're a fellow Minnesotan, all be it not a native one. We'll get you to drag out your O's eventually!

Karla said...

I agree, Jenna. I also don't like the odor(s) they seem to add to a person's house and the fact that they make it hard to keep a house clean. Kids do that enough already!

I do love dogs, though. So we just vicariously enjoy our neighbors' dogs, my parent's dog, and my in-law's dog. Good enough for right now!

Anonymous said...

Both of us are anti-animal over here, which is convenient. I agree with all your above statements. PLUS, I don't want another thing vying for my attention. I can't imagine a dog underfooot with kids too. The thought just overwhelms me.

Jenna said...

Welcome, Kara!
I'm glad to "meet" you. And I'm glad there are animal lovers like you to care for these God-created creatures. And, thanks for not hating me for not lovin' dogs and cats.

Unfortunately, I drag out the O's 50% of the time. Here's bonus confession in the comments a hidden track: I pick up and employ whatever accent I'm hearing in the moment. It's genetic, I think. My mom does the same thing!

Jenny said...

Cats don't do most of those things. No garbage problems. And they don't cost too much money when you DON'T medicate, vaccinate, or hospitalize them. Yup, we're pretty much bad cat owners.

I pick up accents instantaneously too... it's downright embarrassing when I'm in the 'hood.

Bethany said...

Oh no! You probably think my blog is soooo gross!
You wouldn't be the first. :)

Anonymous said...

That face, the unconditional love and companionship, the nose that nudges my hand to pet her more, her endearing personality, her desire to get outside and move which motivates me to do the same, the list goes on....ok, this all sounds so cheesy but your numbers 1-4 happen so infrequently that the above reasons to have her make up for them tenfold.(and we have been fortunate-rarely a need to medicate, never been hospitalized, she is small so cheap to feed)

From probably one of your most animal loving friends who totally respects and understands your confession and whose love for you will never be tainted because of it.

Allison Dillard said...

I couldn't agree more-