Friday, August 15, 2008

confession # 6 - breakfast this morning

-half a slice of zucchini bread
-a handful of animal crackers
-a small scotch-a-roo
-3 cups of coffee (with cream and sugar, of course)


Karla said...

That sounds far more interesting (and energy-producing!) than my grapefruit, glass of OJ, and flax instant oatmeal. I'm such a scaredy cat about caffeine, because it makes me jittery. My husband would love your breakfast! He loves Frappacinos.

I was curious about what a Scotch-A-Roo was, so I checked out the recipe. Looks addictive!

Neely and Steve said...

This is an improvement from our childhood days, Jen. It's not like you're eating leftover Mongolian Beef and a slice of Pizza Hut pizza for b-fast like we used to. Mmmm... thinking about Mongolian Beef....

Tiffany said...

at least you ate breakfast. i've been in the habit of having coffee....just coffee. that's bad. oh and I fed my family potstickers for supper. love potstickers....but that's ALL we had. steve ate two peanut butter sandwiches right after supper. apparently the potstickers weren't enough. where did my domesticity go?