Tuesday, August 19, 2008

email crisis update

1. You all rock. Thank you so much for you helpful advice.
2. I started a gmail account and it's the same username, but it's now @gmail.com. Very easy.
3. I was going to do Outlook, but there's like some techy pop3 thingy lacking in free hotmail accounts so that wasn't an option (as far as I could tell). But, I learned that you can do Outlook with Gmail, so I might do that. Also, I'm going to download Flashblock per Abraham's suggestion.
4. As I read all your helpful comments in my email on my hotmail account, I almost wanted to vomit at the ads featuring girls clad in white tank tops giggling as they checked email and then would glance at the camera with a fake surprised look suggesting that they just had no idea they were being watched. It's just repulsive. And now I'm free!!!

Thanks so much for helping me out of the hole that was HOTMAIL!!!

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