Monday, August 25, 2008

confession # 8 - I'm more Minnesotan than I want to admit

I've only been here 2.75 years, but get this conversation.

Me: "Miles, get your shoes and socks on!"
Miles: "Mommy, what are sax?"


Sarah said...

This received such a burst of laughter...I LOVE IT!! Just as good as Keitha's conversation with the grocery clerk...what was it...the BAGel in the beg? I can't remember but equally funny...your kids really have it too...whether they are willing to or not...they say their "o's" like northerners. Little cuties.

keitha said...

oh sarah may i reinact -

Checker: would you like you pep in the baeg?

keitha: im sorry?

checker: would you like you pep in the baeg?

keitha: im so sorry. I dont know what you are asking.

other checker: do you want your coke in the sack?

keitha: oh yes, of course.

and miles has the darned cutest accent ever.

Tiffany said...

Ha! Sax fifth Avenue maybe? Have you begun shopping there?

Sarah said...

I love you Keitha...that was perfect.

Jenny said...

I am near weeping here to realize that when I moved here I noticed everybody's accent. The beg=bag was especially troubling. Or come winter, cooooat=coat.

But I don't even notice it anymore! I'm sure I say all of that just as Minnesotan as the rest of them.