Wednesday, August 20, 2008

11 Things I love about Brent

1. He prays with me and for me.
2. When he comes home, he greets the boys and takes Jillian from my arms.
3. He has let me sleep in most of the weekend mornings for I-don't-know-how-long.
4. He doesn't complain. ever. I'm serious.
5. He has never called me while I'm away from the family merely to find out when I'm coming home or to report that the baby really needs me.
6. Brent never removes his wedding ring.
7. He takes time to share the details of his day with me. He loves to debrief.
8. He has one of those page-a-day calendars where you rip off the page. It's "The Office" quotes. He collects all his favorites and brings them home periodically and reads them to me. His best impersonations are Dwight, Angela and Toby.
9. He likes my cooking and likes taking leftovers to work.
10. He calls me during the day to see how I'm doing or report anything interesting. And he calls me at the end of the day to tell me the EXACT time he'll be coming home.
11. He's still pretty intense about me as if we've just started dating and as if I haven't said the stupidest things in his presence, or been overly harsh to him, or as if I don't have crows feet, grey hair and a mom body. After 11 years of marriage*, he treats me like I'm this fresh and exciting thing in his life, of which he just can't get too much. I love how he loves me.

*We celebrated our 11 year anniversary on August 9...11 days ago.


Karla said...

Happy (late) anniversary!

Brent sounds like a real treasure. You are very blessed...

John and I love The Office, and not just because of where we live.

Sarah said...

Your husband IS a gem...I love that he knows are the funniest person in the entire world. My favorite image of him is his response to your pregnancy with Jillan. I will NEVER forget that...precious man.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! I'm still amazed at how long you've been married AND how young you are! How old were you? 17?? HEEEHEE...

Chris does some of those things, too, yet I have to say the weekend-sleep-in ranks wayyyy up there! We're blessed women!

Love you,

Dawn S. said...

Awww. Happy Belated Anniversary! I actually thought about you on that day since Jenny reminded me.

You guys are great!

keitha said...

how sweet is that? a man of character for sure.

Tiffany said...

keitha's right. a true man of character! love it.

Becky said...

So great. I love this post--congratulations!