Tuesday, August 12, 2008

these moments in motherhood brought to you by....BOYS!

Thank you, Miles. Now I know where the rubberbands "went".

Thank you, Avery. Now I have a new fear of giant spiders in the fridge.

dirty and cute.

clean and cute.

I love them so.
But now i need to go tell them to stop trashing the house!!!!


Tiffany said...

hahah! Cute! I just watched Josh and Levi today....boys....they did kinda trash the house. Can I blame it on the "boy" thing? I don't know. I think for us we just lack appropriate space for boys to be boys. They don't just sit and play dolls. Hmmmm. Are you going to hire a maid? :)

Sarah said...

I am wetting my pants...I cannot believe how funny your boys are...no, I can.

Jen said...


I often find Polly Pockets wrapped in yarn and strung up around the house. It is a disturbing sight. I find myself wondering if visions like these were the inspiration for Shelob.

Jenna said...

hilarious. i had to google "Shelob" even though i've seen Lord of the Rings. yes. it makes one wonder...

keitha said...

oh the haircut on miles...when did that happen? how did i miss that? darling!

avery....i would kiss his face if it wouldnt embarass him so.