Wednesday, July 9, 2008

we celebrate one year of jillian

The day we brought her home from the hospital.

Just a few days ago.

What you might want to know about Jillian:

She's taking a few steps at a time. (Six at the most so far.)
She says, "Wow!", "yeah!" and "oooo" (same sound in "boot")
Also says, "da da" and "ma ma" and has done some random repeating...
She wakes up happy and chatty.
Jillian knows her brothers by name and will point to them when prompted (sometimes).
She has seven teeth...the eighth one is taking it's time and causing her pain!
Jillian melts our hearts every day and we are grateful beyond words that we get to have her in our daily lives. I am ever grateful to God for blessing us with her.


Ulli said...

Love your pics and the music! Have a happy day!

keitha said...

you didnt mention that she has the greatest smile and dimples EVER!!!!!

excited to share in the celebration tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna,
We've got opposites: you have 2 boys and a girl; I have 2 girls and a boy... hmmmm... could there be any Snell-Scheetz marriages in the future? Your Miles is so cute; seems very similar to Lauren's personality. Maybe it's the second-born thing. Lauren's always making up songs. A blog would totally be her thing... one of these days maybe we'll make one together.

Loved hearing your voice the other day!

Lorraine ;)

sarah'ssister said...

Happy Birthday, Jillian!

I have some pretty darn cute nieces and nephews, but I have to say....Jillian is adorable! From the videos and pictures I've seen, she seems to have a delightful personality to match!

I'd be there in a minute, if I could....


Jenny said...

She is a doll.

And you didn't mention she's the heiress to Vanna White's job, with all her oooohing and ahhhhhing. ;o)

Kevin said...

Sweet Jillian-what a cutie! Happy Birthday- we are so glad to know you-have a great day and enjoy all that sugar :)))


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Jillian!

Jillian also loves music and plays the drums with me.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Smiley!

Neely & Steve said...

Happy Birthday, Jillian! May God bless you!

Love Aunt Nee Nee & Uncle Sleeve

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We loved celebrating with you!

Love~the Dykstras

Anonymous said...

I totally missed the whole point of this post!

Hope you all had fun today, and maybe took some good video footage of dimples covered in frosting! Looking forward to the day we can meet in person, Jillian.

Lorraine (AKA Lori)

Anonymous said...

happy big one, jillian! sorry we missed the wild times last night. hope you threw back an extra bottle of formula for us.

- the anonymous poster who should not be confused with other anonymous posters

Yvette said...

Happy birthday Jillian! What a lovely picture! She is a beautiful little girl. See you around.

Carol said...

She is a treasure! So thankful I was there to meet her 1 yr ago!! Can't wait to see the little doll baby again, Happy Birthday Jillian!!

Aunt Carol

Carol said...

What a good smiler she is,showing off her teeth. She looks decked out in her red,white & blue. Is that a bow in her hair?! Aaaaadorable!

Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Jillian!!
I miss you and we sure wish we could have celebrated with you.

Hope to see you soon!

p.s. you should be proud-this is the first public comment I have EVER left. I can get shy about it-but you are worth getting over it. :)