Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo! It scares me. A post for Halloween.

It's October 31st. Here are 31 things that scare me. Keep in mind, I don't live in fear. These are just 31 random things that occasionally freak me out.

1. opening biscuit cans
2. small talk with strangers...or anyone sometimes
3. how fast my skin is aging
4. my boys going through that phase when they get peach fuzz over their lips (i shudder)
5. anyone coming around the corner (i spook easily)
6. losing a child
7. the possibility of a spider in my shoe...or sleeve...or bed....
8. those FREAKY minnesota centipedes that i never saw until i moved here (more shuddering)
9. bats
10. getting in another car accident
11. being totally misunderstood
12. the possibility of having a face-eating cancer
13. forgetting that i owe someone money (and they won't remind me...just resent me)
14. my own hypocrisy
15. turning on the disposal
16. making final decisions that have to do with spending lots of money
17. toenail fungus
18. dealing with dementia
19. most freak accidents that I've heard know, "Oh, he was just buying some milk and there was some staph infection on the jug handle. Three days later, he died."
20. buying a new kind of beer that i end up not liking
21. ticks
22. tapeworms
23. plot lines on Law & Order: SVU (no, i don't watch it, but i catch a scene every now and then and cannot believe somebody thinks it's a good idea to put this junk into the minds of the public!)
24. socialized medicine
25. feeding company undercooked meat
26. my kids growing up rejecting Jesus
27. pool drains
28. having a booger hanging from my nose, but no one is bold enough to tell me
29. waxing off an entire's possible since i do my own
30. emerging church mentality
31. apathy


Greta said...

I love that your first fear listed was opening biscuit cans....I too, have a touch of anxiety when performing that task.
And my word, those centipedes ARE freaky!

Our small group recently did a beer tasting. (One of the guys brews at home and is basically a genius about all things beer so he educated us while we were tasting. It was quite enjoyable). Anyway, the point is, there were some naaasty ones that we tried and now I'm thinking, I probably should've made a note so that we don't "happen" to buy that one that tasted like cigarette butts.

tiffany said...

i can relate to many of those same fears.

danielle said...

biscuit cans scare me too.

Jenny said...

I love how you go from serious to silly, and back again. Great list.

We stood in our backyard yesterday at dusk and watched the bats flying around above us. It was kind of cool, actually.

We sent them your way.

Anonymous said...

So I'm wondering, Jenna. Did you just sit down and write all of those down in one sitting, or have you been thinking about it and jotting them down as they come (to save for a future Halloween post)?? As I read your list, I agreed with many (toenail fungus, definitely YES!) but wouldn't be able to just spew them out like that. And is there magic in the number 31?

As I write, I fear offending you or someone else, sort of.

BTW, Christy used her "hooter hider" today for the first time and said it was great! She went stripes out. She said "THANK YOU!"


karla said...

I will tell you what scares me. The Palsey scares me, bells palsey to be exact. It is the kind where one day you just wake up, WAKE UP and half you face is frozen FOR NO REASON. I can totally see myself getting the palsey. shudder.
karla (not sister :)

Vander Griend said...

I promise to always tell you if you have a booger or if you owe me money and forgot.

Karla Anne said...

I was terrified of the spider I just found in my dishwasher. HUGE! And my son laughed as I quickly smooshed it and sent it to its watery grave.

I can relate to some of the ones on your list. The booger thing, and somewhat similarly, I am so paranoid about having fresh breath. (or NOT having it, and no one telling me)

Amanda said...

Definitely the milk jug and staph infection... I always think of the worst scenarios for my husband and 2 year old! Poor guys!

Sarah said...

Every single one of those was so fun to read!! I relate...and many of them I knew about you already so it was fun to recall the "moments" or random conversations we've had about those fears. I don't know why "pool drains" made me laugh so hard. Maybe because of the lasting memory I will always have of you, Avery, Gavin and I at Chesterfield Village's pool. Maybe the fear of unknowingly being exposed should be included. ;)Miss ya!!

Jenna said...

the palsey totally scares me, karla!!!

jenny. i am LITERALLY afraid of bats. they are not cool. they are freaky!!!

karla anne. i am CONSTANTLY apologizing for bad breath that i'm not even sure that i have. i just assume it is. sometimes i find myself trying to hold my breath while i talk.

sarah. have you seen the dateline special on pool drains? horrible. and we had a pool drain incident in a nearby suburb. do not sit on one. that's all i gotta say.

kim. you would tell me anything. i know you have my back.

lori. me too. it's a newer fear, but there are like a zillion ways to offend any number of people and i so don't want to do that, but know that i have. hate that! i chose 31, because it was the 31st day of october. i thought about making a list of 95 ways that i've reformed, but...that would take a LONG time. and i'm not sure i'm quite to 95 yet. maybe next year! oh. and to answer your question. i did 27 fears and then a few days later finished the list. yeah. i rattled off 27 that fast. that's scary, too.

Yvette said...

Great list that was fun to read. I have most of the same fears you do except for the whole bad beer-buying thing. I don't like beer, but I could have that fear with wine or even a new recipe. And I don't fear waxing off my eyebrows since I pluck. :)

Dawn S. said...

I am too tired to count 'em up but it seems to me that you had several bug-related fears...could you be a...GIRL?? :P You compiled a fine list!!

keitha said...

i am scared of licking an envelope and it slicing my eyeball. humanly impossible if the envelope is touching my tongue. none the less, scared of it.

loved the list.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Uh.....thanks I can add 31 more to the plethora of things on my already growing list. although, I may take the biscuit one off....that is really may need counseling for that one. Kind of like the lady on the discovery channel from England that is afraid of feathers....they dangle a feather in front of her and she just breaks into sobbing hysterics. Add feathers as #32 please.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Ok, I had to come back. As I went to exercise I was pondering your list in my mind...haunted actually...1st off...who buys biscuits in a can??? The preservatives alone will kill you long before the whole exploding can will poke your eye out with a biscuit thing....the ONLY time I have ever seen a canned biscuit become worthwhile is when Paula Deen popped one open, threw it in the deep fryer and then gave it a honey colonic with a squeeze bottle.