Tuesday, October 28, 2008

confession # 16 - i'm one part crunchy, two parts twinkie

To be honest, I love my refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup products. But, I try to keep it at a minimum (especially for my children!). In some areas, I tend to be earthy and natural. But, I'm glaringly not earthy two-thirds of the time.

I can't afford organic, but I love to make brown rice and bean salads for my family.

I took my boys to McDonalds...after their vaccines...which I delayed.

I alternate using the aluminum-free "deoderant" and the regular alzheimers-inducing crisco-like deoderant.

Recently, a thrifty and earthy lady in my small group, introduced us to the idea of NOT--I repeat NOT--using shampoo. I won't go into detail, but instead will direct you to this blog post I found in my fervent googling. I'm totally intrigued. (And by the way, we don't get together to discuss beauty tips. We're ladies and so we cover the gamut!)

So. I'm going to try it. I'll keep you posted. Currently, I'm on day three of no shampoo. That's not a huge deal, because I usually only wash every other day.

So, I'm curious. Are you crunchy? Or, do you like to taste the kool-aid? literally???


tiffany said...

day 3 way to go!!! my hair is looking a bit oily right now....it's day 2 which i typically just wash my hair every other day, but it really needs it when it's time. the alzheimers-inducing crisco-like deodorant sounds....like what i use.

Andie said...

okay, just had to say a few things.... I'm totally inconsistent with this, too. I don't do high fructose corn syrup unless.... i really want it. ha ha.

but, what I really was jiving with was your MUSIC!! i found the Africa song in college again after not having heard it for years. My old roomie could tell you, I must have listened to constantly for DAYS!

Also, my college friends and I were on a road trip and I only had a cassette player in the car. We stopped at at gas station in the middle of nowhere, MT. Got a mixed tape of British 80's singers. Heard a HILARIOUS song... Look of Love. If you do not know it, you will absolutely love the total cheesiness of it. It's by ABC.

Andie said...

PS. why I came here in the first place today... wanted to see how the sidewalk counseling is going. Have you looked at Justin Taylor's blog today? It's heartbreaking.

keitha said...

you could just do dreads and say screw it all. just think - you would be in good company - samuel, john the baptist, sampson.

Anonymous said...

I often no poo, BUT I just wash my hair w/conditioner :) Also, I LOVE organic, avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague, and love meat alternatives... BUT coffee with creamer is my weakness! And I don't mean black coffee with some plain ol' creamer... NO! I have hazelnut, vanilla biscotti, caramel drizzle, french vanilla in my coffee arsenal... AND for creamers, mint chocolate truffle, vanilla caramel, french vanilla, and tiramisu! :D So... I'm not all the way a health nut :D

Sarah said...

You know what I am going to say...white sugar...high fructose corn syrup...the devil. But you know how much I love to make my holiday sugar cookie cut outs. The sugar low I hit 5 minutes after eating them is completely worth it.

Jenny said...

I tried no-poo. I do the oil cleansing method for my face, have for a while, so I thought, it's kinda the same, right? but it was hard. I didn't stick with it, and it was a disaster. I looked awful. BUT, I also have had a cut that really needs to be styled a certain way, and it didn't work. If I had longer hair like yours, I think it might have worked.

VERY interested to hear how it goes.

Oh, and you know me. I'm kinda like you... only I swing violently between 95% crunchy, 5% twinkie and vice-versa.

Karla Anne said...

I make my own granola, but use waaaaay too many hair products. (just ask Sarah) If I had long hair like you (and used no products!), I might be able to get away with no shampoo...for a day.

I know it's healthier to not use antiperspirant/deo, but I hate to sweat and stink. I've thought about trying "the crystal," but am a bit hesitant.

I am probably pretty crunchy, I guess. My next endeavor might be juicing. I can't convince my hubby yet that we really need that neat Jack LaLane juicer. :)

danielle said...

i like to refer to myself as a "flegan" or in other words a flexible vegan. that way i can sound all cool and say i don't eat meat or dairy, but can when i really want to. like when i'm pregnant and all i eat is cheese and cookies, and the occasional steak and baked potato with everything on it. i'm making myself hungry! anyway, i'm alot like you! isn't it amazing that we live in such a country where we can have ALL these choices??? by the way, i choose shampoo, for me the article just wasn't quite inspirational enough. i guess i'm a tough sell. plus i can't stand the smell of apple cider vinegar. although i drank small amounts of it for a while to "help my complexion". gag a maggot! and i don't think it helped! okay, that's it, i'm done now.

Bethany said...

I am a wannabe cruncher.
This no shampoo idea scares the poo out of me but I might just try it.
Keep us updated!

l e a h said...

And I've been sans-shampoo/conditioner for over 2 months now. I love it! I've written about it a few times on my blog and am going to post an FAQ soon.

Allison Dillard said...

I tried the natural deoderant....let's just say I would rather increase my cancer risk than stink that way. Does that make me a twinkie??? Love ya!