Tuesday, October 7, 2008

chasing jillian

The boys had several of those little sponges that come from a dissolving capsule. Recently, I wondered how I could justify throwing them out. I mean, we have more than enough bath toys. Jillian really helped me out with that problem. Thanks, Jilly. Playing with them in the toilet was plenty motivation to throw them away.

just in case you didn't get a close enough look!!

And here she is "unloading" the dishwasher.

And, of course, she loves to climb on the toilet to get to the beloved toothpaste.


Greta said...

Ahh, that's hilarious! (She's already teaming up with Mom against the boys.)

Sarah said...

Do you know how much I'd love to BEAM myself to Minneapolis right now!!!!! UGH!!!! UGGGHHH!!! Those pictures are so beyond cute. Please, for me, you don't have to even blog about it if you don't want but just email it to me...please get another video clip of her talking or just doing whatever sounds she does when she is up to her little mischief. I'd LOVE IT!!!! And still...the picture below...it seriously looks like you are posing for some famous painter.

Jenna said...

oh sarah!
i would if i had my camera!!!

Karla Anne said...

I'm with Sarah. I LOVE Jillian videos. And from what Sarah says, she is even cuter in person!

So sorry about the camera. :(

Sarah said...

Sorry...how dumb am I?? Way to rub it in, Sarah!!!

keitha said...

maybe shes looking in the diswasher for that sippy cup with the shake in it.