Sunday, October 19, 2008

stage fright

It seems every time I come to this blog to write lately, I feel like someone has handed me a microphone and announced that it's my turn to give a speech. I don't know what my deal is, but I keep forgetting everything I have to say.

I think I'm turning a corner, but if you're tired of checking and seeing the same old post, consider subscribing to the blog by using the little window at the right. It's pretty easy.

Hope you all are well. I'm missing St. Louis especially these days. If you've lived there and we were buddies, I've probably been thinking about you a lot.

(Especially you, Mom and Dad! I'm so excited that you're visiting so soon!!!!)


Karla Anne said...

You have a good excuse, Jenna. You're a busy mommy.

I enjoy seeing what you have to say, whenever you are able to remember! :)

What things do you miss about St. Louis?

Sarah said... could write, "Hi folks, I feel like crap today" and it would just resonate with so many. And hey, would I be included in that St. Louis bunch although I was not a native and no longer live there but that is where we met and became boosom friends..."Boobie Booberson" friends?

Jenna said...

most definitely, sarah. love you, friend.

Allison Dillard said...

you know I miss you too---


Kim said...

if I don't live in St. Louis are you still thinking of me?

Jenna said...

yes, kim. especially since we just hung up the phone.

Anonymous said...

Hope you got my very long e-mail about missing you too!

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